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Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold/Money, Plutonium, and All Max Level Unlocked and get your harpoon ready and start catching zombies!

Game Name Zombie Catchers Apk
Version 1.30.5
Release Date 27 January 2016
Updated On 27 August 2020
Developer Deca Games
Supported On 4.1 and up
Mode Offline
Size 66 MB
Category Action


After playing tons of game, if you are getting annoyed then you may try Zombie Catchers game in your android. It is fully designed with awesome graphics and funny zombie creation. Your main task is to kill those stupid zombies and make them squeezed over the machine.

Start hunting stupid zombies using your best weapon Harpoon and traps. Every time you catch them to drop in your squeezers to make more money. There are a total of 39 machines available to unlock to make zombie juice. The different machine requires various zombies to squeeze.

Buy your first drone to detect zombies, the more drones you have, you can catch more of them quickly. Also, buy some equipment from the store and upgrade them to make your weapon powerful. Don’t forget to complete missions to level up and unlock a new area.

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How to catch Zombies?

  • First, go to Swamp or Beach,
  • Then find for zombies swamp,
  • Drop a Brain,
  • Hide or make some distance so that they come from the hole,
  • Tap and hold your Harpoon for a few seconds,
  • When they completely come on the ground shoot one them.

Note: Before catching them make your way clear, such as kill snakes and bats so that while you running they don’t make you late.

Rank Up to get Plutonium

To rank up and get badges and plutonium you have to perfectly catch all the zombies from a mission. If you do so you will get 1 point for it. When you collect more of them you will start gaining Ranking Badges and bonus Plutonium. At the beginning of hunting your badge will be newbie, you have to make it Rookie Catcher.

Buy and Upgrade Juice Machine

What to do after catching zombies? You have to squeeze them into the machine. So buy a new Machine, though you have to unlock them after reaching a required level.

Also, upgrade them to increase single product value, batch size and production time. Note that, for the different machines, you need a different type of zombies which you will find in Swamp and Beach.

Buy and Upgrade Equipment

From the store, buy the latest weapons to be the master of this game. There are a total of 10 weapons available to bought and they are – Harpoon Model 1, Jetpack, Net Gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon Model 2, Zombie Trap, Tesla Gun, Jetpack Model 2, Harpoon Model 3, Tesla Trap, and Freezer Gun.

Upgrade them to increase Max Ammo, Refill Time, Power, Rope Length, and Fly time. Also, don’t forget to buy more drones to detect zombies quickly and hunt them.

Mod Features

Zombie Catchers Hack is obviously a genius time consumer game. You will get unlimited fun from it, but to make it better you may use the mod apk where you will find the following extras.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Plutonium,
  • All weapons unlocked,
  • Max Level upgraded,

Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk 1.30.5 Unlimited Gold and Plutonium 2020