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How to Lock and Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy without App

How to Lock and Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy without App

Lock and hide your system and other 3rd party games and apps in your Samsung Galaxy Android Mobile without any software securely.

Lock and Hide Apps in Android

After a long time using Android, you may have some important App in your Android like Tinder or Spotify Premium. So basically in those apps, you may have some personal information which you don’t want to show to your family member or friend. So you need a lock and hide application to keep your privacy safe from others.

Today I will share some simple Tips and Tricks only for Samsung Galaxy users so that you can keep safe your information private without any software. There are some steps which you should have to follow if you want to save your storage.


  • In settings, go to or search for Advanced Features and click on it.
  • You will find several options like – Lock and hide apps, one-handed operation, quick launch camera, smart alert, easy mute, send sos messages, and direct share. Only tap on Lock and Hide Apps.
  • It will remain as disabled, enable it by giving an app lock type – Pattern ( Medium Security ), PIN ( Medium to high Security ), Password ( High Security ).
  • After enabling it start to lock and hide apps.

Note: You can change the Verification method any time and don’t forget your lock pattern, pin or password.

Why should you use these Tips and Tricks?

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy low priced mobile then your Internal Storage and RAM will be very poor. So basically there will be less storage to install much apps and games. So there won’t be enough area to install another lock and hide apps. Also, this could be a cause of lagging. So I recommend you to use only these tips and tricks so that you don’t need more space.

Why shouldn’t you use this Method?

If you are using High price Android then you may don’t need to use these tips. You can direct download Lock and Hide Application from Google Store. Also, if you don’t understand Android settings then this could permanently lose your apps and games from your devices.