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Free Download Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod Apk with unlimited money, gems, and stones. Swipe on the screen to catch epic, rare fish and upgrade your boat.

Game Name Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Apk
Version 2.13.4
Release Date 4 January 2019
Updated On 21 October 2020
Developer Lion Studios
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 72 MB
Category Simulation


Do you like fishing? If you do so then you will like Fish Inc: Fisher Tycoon Game which is made for Android and ios operating system. This is totally fun and addictive game designed for lazy people like me and I like it much. The rules and gameplay are so simple to understand and even a kid can play it easily.

Are you ready to become a fisherman? It’s not so tough what you thinking, so start playing. Travel to the sea and cash fish, upgrade your boat and gear then make more money from them. There is more chance to catch Rare Fish if you spend more time on it.

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Hooked Inc Cheats and Tips

Are you ready to be the master of this sport? Then you have to follow some simple instruction which will move you into the next pro level at all. And you could expect unlimited money and gems from this cheats and tips, let’s start.

Catch Fish

It’s time to catch fish. Though when you start your first fishing you will get a little value from them, you have to keep your work doing repeatedly until you make some money to upgrade your boat, crew, and items.

Go To Deeper Waters

If you earn enough to go into the deeper waters, then do so. You will have to start catching fish in Swallow Coast. But as you earn more money go to Swallow Coast to Deep Waters > Green Boy, Silver Pond, Red Waters, Paradise Bay, and too more. While you go into Deep Waters there is more chance of getting Rare Fish, Epic Fish.


Collect Fishing Experience

While you catching fishes, you will get experience. While you get enough XP collect it. It will increase all income and Epic Fish catch rate. Return to Shallow Bay, and Reset Boat and Cash. It’s calculated on (total star x fishing exp = Earning Bonus percentage).

Collect Box and Chest from the Ocean

While you catch fish in the Ocean you will see some dropped boxes in the water. Collect it and get a big pile of cash, gems and many rare items. It will help you a lot to upgrade items, boat, etc.

Spin in the Lucky Wheel

Don’t forget to spin in the Lucky Wheel. You can get the Jackpot from it. Also, when you do it daily, you will get an extra 3 gems as a goal bonus.

Upgrade your Boat

Upgrading your boat lets you access to upgrade the following things and more.

  • Proper Rod – It increases Fish Value,
  • Bread Crumbs – It improves Surface fish per second,
  • The Right Pull – It Adds Faster Idle fishing on the boat,
  • Better Hooks – +1 max fish size for idle fishing,
  • Improved Jiggs – Get a +5% increase catch chance.
  • Fish Value – You will get +50% increased fish value.
  • Night Shift – + 10% idle income, +100% increased package value,
  • Better Waters – +10$ chance for better fish.

    Unlock Crew

    Unlocking crew helps you to get idle money and faster idle fishing on the boat. You can buy various of them from the store. Also, upgrade them to add more features and activity.

    Upgrade Items

    Upgrade Items and equip them for the option. There are many items awaiting to equip such as – Bamboo Stick, Mini Bobber, Lucky Spinner, Lucky Hat, Winstons Rod, Swift Line Pro, Big Bass Cranker, Greengill Lucker. All those items add an increased chance to spawn another surface fish when swiping up fish, Chance for better fish, Chance for critical boss damage, critical fish value, More packages value, More value from packages, lobsters, crabs, and seagulls, etc.


Mod Features

Hooked Inc Mod Apk let you access to many features which helps you to catch rare fish. Let’s see what will you got from this hacked apk.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Unlimited Stones,
  • Increased chance of getting Epic and Rare Fish,

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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Mod Apk 2.13.4 Unlimited Money & Gems 2020