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Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk 200128 Unlimited Moonstones

Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk 200128 Unlimited Moonstones

Download Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk with unlimited Moonstones and meat unlocked. Hunt animals and enjoy this new type of simulator game in your Android.

Game Name Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Apk
Release Date 11 March 2020
Updated On 31 August 2020
Developer Foxie Ventures
Supported On 5.0 and up
Mode Offline
Size 141 MB
Category Role-Playing, Action, and Adventure


Info of Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Game for Android

The Animal wildlands is a dangerous RPG world, where the forest animals guard their territory while hunting and surviving off the land. For centuries, the wolf packs have remained at the top of the food chain, maintaining the natural order, led by their alpha, the last remaining dire wolf. When the dire wolf goes missing, you must lead your pack to greatness. Select a gray wolf or a black wolf, and start building your ultimate wolfpack. A wildlife simulation adventure awaits!

Worldwide Multiplayer Battles – PVP

Fight for dominance in the virtual world! Take on the world in online real-time multiplayer PvP battles. Hunt together with your team in co-op and battle enemy clans to control the most territory. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?


Create your ultimate RPG hero – you can choose which skills to learn and upgrade. Unique skills range from basic MMORPG abilities to fantasy elemental attacks – and even stealth skills that allow you to hide in the forest and become the ultimate predator!

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Breed & Raise Cubes

Build a family and role play! A realistic breeding sim gives cubs stronger fighting attributes compared to their parents. Take your pups out with you as you raid other clans and hunt your prey. Your pups will watch your every move, learning important survival and life skills. Trail your pup well, else they will not stand a chance in the online multiplayer PvP battle arena.

Collect Animals

The alpha is the hero of each pack. You can duel enemy clans and recruit their alpha to your den. Collect wolves, foxes, bears and other wild animals, each with realistic and fantasy evolution skins. Each creature is rendered in stunning 3D graphics.

Live the Store Of a Wolf Clan

A true survival simulator. When nature’s balance is threatened as the Great River has become contaminated, competition between the animals over the remaining spring water has begun. Even foreign tigers have been spotted far outside of their borders, causing concern amongst the rest of the animals.

There have also been rumors of ancient reptiles, rising to the surface from centuries of slumber, claiming the mountains and caves as their own. The gray wolves are now called upon to craft a solution in these troubled times.

A Massive Open World

Explore a huge, unbroken open MMO world teeming with wildlife, from the dense forest, mountains to the freezing arctic. You can fight in online multiplayer PvP areas, tackle quests, role play, gather resources or raid enemy clans and take over their home. You might even encounter the tiger king on your adventure (a superior evolution of the natural tiger), who has been spotted in the forest for the first time in centuries!

Mod Features

Hunt animals, collect various types of items and upgrade your wolf to make it stronger. If you have not enough resource then use the mod apk where you will get the following things.

  1. Unlimited Moon Stone,
  2. Infinite Meat,
  3. All type of Fantasy, Mythic, Rare wolf unlocked.

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Download Wolf Tales  Mod Apk v200128 Unlimited Money 2020

Note: This mod is currently in progress and soon will be released on my website. You should wait some time for 100% working mod apk. Subscribe our Official YouTube channel to get latest Mod Android Games ASAP.

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Mod Apk 1.047.00 Unlimited

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Mod Apk 1.047.00 Unlimited

Download Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Mod Apk with Unlimited Money, Avacoins, Gems, and Everything Unlocked. Meet people, chat with them and dress up as your wish.
Game Name Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Apk
Version 1.047.00
Released On 10 December 2013
Updated On 22 October 2020
Developer Lockwood Publishing Ltd
Supported On 4.4 and up
Mode Online
Size 96 MB
Category Role-Playing


Features of Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World for Android 2020

With a varying of simulation and role-playing, start your 3d virtual life in Avakin Life with infinite possibilities. Here you can meet new people, chat with them and dress up to make yourself better and gorgeous. Also, decorate and design your home and visit a lot of paradise locations. Start your second life where you can become the dreamed person you always wanted to be.

Take some simple steps to run this fun avatar game in your android. Create your own avatar, choose a name, change skin color, dress up and connect yourself with millions of other people who already enjoying it so much. You don’t need to spend money, it is totally free to download and play.

Enjoy the Virtual Life

  1. Dress up your avatar.
  2. Design and decorate your home.
  3. Buy new clothes, discover new, amazing brands and create your own perfect outfit.
  4. Be a fashion star and the centre of attention.
  5. Go to parties in paradise locations.
  6. Show off your dream home.
  7. Message new friends.
  8. Explore this ever-growing virtual reality in 3D.

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Create your own Avatar

  1. Role-playing game and simulation where you can choose your perfect character, figure, hair, eye color and many more!
  2. Dress up your avatar how you want. Go cute or crazy – pick your favorite style and become the person you always wanted to be in your wildest dreams!
  3. Virtual reality world and simulation that gives you endless opportunities to express yourself!

Meet People and Chat

  1. Chat game where you can socialize with millions of other people!
  2. Meet people from all around the world
  3. Chat with other players, make new friends and find your crew!
  4. Show off your perfect outfits and get advice on the newest trends, best styles, and clothes from your friends.
  5. Compete with millions of other players or explore all the amazing brands and outfits together!
  6. Take pictures of your avatar and share them on Facebook or Instagram!

Style The Perfect You

  1. Express yourself with awesome Avakin clothing brands and accessories
  2. Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill your closet with stylish outfits.
  3. Dress up (or down), play with your style and amaze others with your sense of fashion.
  4. Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and millions of other clothing items and accessories.
  5. Change your hairstyles or even get a tattoo!
  6. Be a fashion star or model – the choice is yours!

Design Your Home

  1. Design and build your perfect apartment
  2. Decorate your home how you want – modern, classic, or Hollywood style – whatever suits your mood or the latest fashion trends.
  3. Invite friends over, organize unforgettable parties or just spend some quality time with your BF.

Anakin Life 3D Mod Info

Shop Clothing, Animations, Petkins, Apartments, Furniture, New Items, Brands, etc. If you are out of money then use the mod apk so that you do not need to compromise with your style. This mod includes the following things.

  • No Ads,
  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Unlocked Everything.

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Download Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Mod Apk v1.047.00 (Mod Menu) 2020

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Mod Apk Unlimited

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Mod Apk Unlimited

Download Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate​ Mod Apk with unlimited money, gems, energy, and all characters unlocked. It’s time to fulfill your destiny crystal breaker so be prepared.

Game Name Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate
Released On 17 February 2020
Updated On 28 February 2020
Developer Machine Zone, Inc.
Supported On Varies with device
Mode Online
Size 84 MB
Category Role Playing

Info of Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Game for Android

I am a big fan of Role Playing Game. I used to play this time of sport a few times a day. Basically it is quite similar to Idle Heroes so you should like it playing in your Android.

It’s time to fulfill your destiny crystal breaker! Free the world’s heroes from imprisonment and lead the revolution of the skies in this brand new strategy RPG.

Explore an uncharted world full of mystery. Raid unique bosses, collect exclusive heroes and uncover ancient secrets.

Team Up with Your Friends & Full Fill Your Destiny

Welcome to Horizon, a world of thrilling action and cutting edge storytelling! Team up with friends and develop a strategy to take down bosses and players in PVP. Explore new worlds in a race to uncover ancient secrets of an alien race in a thrilling adventure!

Thrilling New Game Mode

Introducing a mind-blowing new game mode “Guild Conquest!” It’s a race to the center and your allies need you. Band together for control and expand your territory. Forge alliances and make a play for the throne!

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Fast-Paced, Dynamic PvP Battles

PVP with players from around the world with fully animated attacks and stunning visual effects in breathtaking arenas. Do you have what it takes to be the champion? Answer the challenge, defeat your opponents, and show that you are the best in the world!

Deep Skill Tree

Get powered up! Enhance your special abilities and discover new powers. Unlock unique research branches, to take your team to the next level, and give them the advantage on the battlefield!

Heroes Unite

Assemble the strongest team in the galaxy! Collect hundreds of unique heroes, powerful weapons, and special gear to put together an unstoppable legion.

Discover your Destiny

Explore the mysterious floating islands of Horizon and unlock the secrets of the Crystalborne. What fate awaits you?

Mod Features

If you want all the premium features unlocked and play like a real hero then use the mod apk.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Endless Energy,
  • All Characters Unlocked,

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Download Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems 2020

Note: The game is under development to mod. You have to wait some time for the original 100% working unlimited money and gold mod apk. We need your patient. Subscribe our Official YouTube channel to get the mod ASAP when we realise.

Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk v11.08 Infinite Everything

Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk v11.08 Infinite Everything

Free Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems, Gold, Food, and Premium Unlocked for Android. Enjoy this monster game in your Mobile.

App Name Sea Monster City Mod Apk
Version 11.08
Released On 28 October 2015
Updated On 27 November 2019
Developer Tap Pocket
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 64 MB
Category Role Playing


Features of Sea Monster City Game for Android

Play with beautiful sea monster offline with unique and VIP centaur. Discover ocean species, build an underwater home and a full new city. There are a lot of things are waiting to uncover, download it from Droid Signal to get unlimited resources.

If you have played Dragon City or Monster legends then you will love to play this game. Also, it doesn’t require any internet connection.

Are you ready to play this awesome sport? There are many hidden objects and tasks available to complete and it’s completely free. Also, you will have a great and rememberable moment with it. So it’s your choice what you should do.

How to Play?

  • Buy your first egg from the store,
  • Hatch it,
  • Feed it,
  • Grow it for battle,
  • Evolve to breed new sea monster,
  • Collect battle point,
  • Repeat the whole process.

What More?

  • Play mini game Jigsaw to unlock Rare Monster,
  • Spin Every day,
  • Collect Daily reward,
  • Complete Goal and get Gems and Gold,
  • Remove stone to make more space.
  • Get a VIP package.

Mod Features

If you are out of money then you will find help this mod helpful with the following things.

  • Unlimited Money,
  • Infinite Gems,
  • All Monsters Unlocked.

Download Sea Monster City Unlimited Gems Mod Apk

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk v3.15.0 Unlimited Gold, Diamonds

Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk v3.15.0 Unlimited Gold, Diamonds

Free Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money, gems/diamonds, pets, rare equipment for Android. Tap on the screen to defeat titan bosses quickly.

Game Name Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Adventure. The Clicker Game Apk
Version 3.15.0
Release Date 2 December 2016
Updated On 3 November 2020
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Supported On 5.0 and up
Mode Online
Size 127 MB
Category Role-Playing


Features of Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Adventure. The Clicker Game Game for Android

Sword Master wakes up to a world in utter chaos, the Titan has become faster, stronger and smarter. He picks up his blade once more to fight for the world. Do or die, you have to tap on the screen to defeat those stupid zombie bosses named Sunni Flora Sister, Frankie, Tomaymay, Buur, The Maestro, Beta Diamond, and Sprint Hunter.

Hire a hero to help you in the battle. Also, save pat and use them in the battle to automatically attack the enemy and get gold coins from them. The battle never ends, there is more than 70,000 level with 70,000 bosses. Enjoy this enjoyable Tap Titans 2 Game in your Android and make your valuable time rememberable.

Enjoy this full Role Playing Games, tap to defeat all 150 new Titans in 14 gorgeous and dangerous regions. Hire heroes from the menu and unlock pets to make your journey easy and idle. Unlock skills, upgrade tap damage, and make your finger faster than ever.

Again, you are able to get the features of Prestige and cash in your progress for mighty artifacts and grow vulnerable to the zombie bosses slowly. Collect pieces of equipment to customize your hero’s look and strengths though it is not so important. Don’t forget to create or join a clan to defeat the mighty Titan Lords with your friends. Compete against other players around the world in global tournaments to show off your gaming skill and earn prizes from it.

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What’s Next?

If you are new to this game, then you mustn’t have enough idea about what to do next, then follow tips and some cheats to grow stronger faster then ever.

  • Tap Damage – Level up damage per tap, it is must need to defeat higher level enemies.
  • Unlock Skills – There are several skills available to unlock like – Heavenly Strike, Deadly Strike, Hand of Midas, Fire Sword, War Cry, Shadow Clone. While you unlock and upgrade them you will access more powerful items.
  • Complete Achievements – While you complete Daily and Progression goal you will receive gems, and cards which will help you a lot and a source of unlimited gems. Collect and use them wisely.
  • Hire Heroes – Hiring heroes will give you idle attack, so you must need to buy them and upgrade to unlock their skills and make them more vulnerable.
  • Get pets – Help pets and take it to your war and make idle damage.
  • Get Equipment – It will increase Hero Damage.
  • Open Chest – There are 3 chests available Wooden, Silver, and Titan Chest. Open them and get exciting bonuses from it.
  • Collect Cards –  This is the newest way to improve your Weapon master’s power, granting powerful idle and active skills to fight against Titans.
  • Prestige – Restart your adventure in exchange for precious relics.

Mod Features

Believe it or not, Tap Titans 2 mod apk is really a good and enjoyable game. If you want to complete all the level then you may download the mod apk where you will get the following things.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Diamonds,
  • Countless Mana,

Note: Money Increase on Spend.

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Download Tap Titans 2 Mod 3.15.0 Apk Unlimited Money and Gems