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Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk v11.08 Infinite Everything

Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk v11.08 Infinite Everything

Free Download Sea Monster City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems, Gold, Food, and Premium Unlocked for Android. Enjoy this monster game in your Mobile.

App Name Sea Monster City Mod Apk
Version 11.08
Released On 28 October 2015
Updated On 27 November 2019
Developer Tap Pocket
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 64 MB
Category Role Playing


Features of Sea Monster City Game for Android

Play with beautiful sea monster offline with unique and VIP centaur. Discover ocean species, build an underwater home and a full new city. There are a lot of things are waiting to uncover, download it from Droid Signal to get unlimited resources.

If you have played Dragon City or Monster legends then you will love to play this game. Also, it doesn’t require any internet connection.

Are you ready to play this awesome sport? There are many hidden objects and tasks available to complete and it’s completely free. Also, you will have a great and rememberable moment with it. So it’s your choice what you should do.

How to Play?

  • Buy your first egg from the store,
  • Hatch it,
  • Feed it,
  • Grow it for battle,
  • Evolve to breed new sea monster,
  • Collect battle point,
  • Repeat the whole process.

What More?

  • Play mini game Jigsaw to unlock Rare Monster,
  • Spin Every day,
  • Collect Daily reward,
  • Complete Goal and get Gems and Gold,
  • Remove stone to make more space.
  • Get a VIP package.

Mod Features

If you are out of money then you will find help this mod helpful with the following things.

  • Unlimited Money,
  • Infinite Gems,
  • All Monsters Unlocked.

Download Sea Monster City Unlimited Gems Mod Apk

Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk v3.7.1 Unlimited Gold, Diamonds

Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk v3.7.1 Unlimited Gold, Diamonds

Free Download Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk with unlimited money, gems/diamonds, pets, rare equipment for Android. Tap on the screen to defeat titan bosses quickly.

Game Name Tap Titans 2 Mod Apk
Version 3.7.1
Release Date 2 December 2016
Updated On 18 February 2020
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Supported On 5.0 and up
Game Mode Online
Game Size 75 MB
Category Role-Playing


Features of Tap Titans 2 Game for Android

Sword Master wakes up to a world in utter chaos, the Titan has become faster, stronger and smarter. He picks up his blade once more to fight for the world. Do or die, you have to tap on the screen to defeat those stupid zombie bosses named Sunni Flora Sister, Frankie, Tomaymay, Buur, The Maestro, Beta Diamond, and Sprint Hunter.

Hire a hero to help you in the battle. Also, save pat and use them in the battle to automatically attack the enemy and get gold coins from them. The battle never ends, there is more than 70,000 level with 70,000 bosses. Enjoy this enjoyable Tap Titans 2 Game in your Android and make your valuable time rememberable.

Enjoy this full Role Playing Games, tap to defeat all 150 new Titans in 14 gorgeous and dangerous regions. Hire heroes from the menu and unlock pets to make your journey easy and idle. Unlock skills, upgrade tap damage, and make your finger faster than ever.

Again, you are able to get the features of Prestige and cash in your progress for mighty artifacts and grow vulnerable to the zombie bosses slowly. Collect pieces of equipment to customize your hero’s look and strengths though it is not so important. Don’t forget to create or join a clan to defeat the mighty Titan Lords with your friends. Compete against other players around the world in global tournaments to show off your gaming skill and earn prizes from it.

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What’s Next?

If you are new to this game, then you mustn’t have enough idea about what to do next, then follow tips and some cheats to grow stronger faster then ever.

  • Tap Damage – Level up damage per tap, it is must need to defeat higher level enemies.
  • Unlock Skills – There are several skills available to unlock like – Heavenly Strike, Deadly Strike, Hand of Midas, Fire Sword, War Cry, Shadow Clone. While you unlock and upgrade them you will access more powerful items.
  • Complete Achievements – While you complete Daily and Progression goal you will receive gems, and cards which will help you a lot and a source of unlimited gems. Collect and use them wisely.
  • Hire Heroes – Hiring heroes will give you idle attack, so you must need to buy them and upgrade to unlock their skills and make them more vulnerable.
  • Get pets – Help pets and take it to your war and make idle damage.
  • Get Equipment – It will increase Hero Damage.
  • Open Chest – There are 3 chests available Wooden, Silver, and Titan Chest. Open them and get exciting bonuses from it.
  • Collect Cards –  This is the newest way to improve your Weapon master’s power, granting powerful idle and active skills to fight against Titans.
  • Prestige – Restart your adventure in exchange for precious relics.

Mod Features

Believe it or not, Tap Titans 2 mod apk is really a good and enjoyable game. If you want to complete all the level then you may download the mod apk where you will get the following things.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Diamonds,
  • Countless Mana,

Note: Money Increase on Spend.

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Download Tap Titans 2 Mod 3.7.1 Apk Unlimited Money and Gems

Download Idle Heroes Mod Apk v1.20.p1 (Unlimited Gold + Gems)

Download Idle Heroes Mod Apk v1.20.p1 (Unlimited Gold + Gems)

Free Download Idle Heroes Mod Apk latest version with unlimited gold coins, gems, VIP 13 and almost everything you need to win a battle for Android.

App Name Idle Heroes Apk
Version 1.20.p1
Developer DHGames
Supported On 4.3 and up
Updated 12 December 2019
Mode Online
Size 138 MB
Category Role Playing


Features of Idle Heroes Game for Android

Start your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness in Idle Heroes game. This is an auto-played sport where you have to choose heroes to start the battle and they will battle for you without any control.

If you are an action game player then this game may bore you, but for Role Play gamer it is the perfect one. You can set your heroes to practice while you’re not active to it and when you return they will be more powerful, obtained new abilities, and ready for a new battle. You have to Grow & Train a powerful squad without all the grinding.

In this game, there are more than 200 Heroes in various factions with special skills. Summon your Warriors, Instruct them to grow powerful heroes, or turn them into Spirit material for EVOLVING. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors for victory!

What More?

You can fight with your friends or players throughout in a war for control of the light continent. Also, join the multiplayer guild boss battles and lead your guild to sovereignty.

There are a total of 8 stages – Sara Forest, Moon Island, Land of Fear, Crome Mine, Forgotten Icefield, Heidelberg, Land of Heat, and High Heaven. All the stages are colly designed which is so addictive. You can choose difficulty level Normal to Nightmare, Hell, Death and Crazy. Change difficulty level when you become a pro player of this game.

Though this is a free android game there are lots of items which you need to buy in order to progress quickly. If you are using normal apk then it is quite difficult to buy them so that I am giving you idle heroes mod apk where you will get unlimited coins and gems so that you never lag behind.

Heroes and Skins

As I said that you can buy and unlock more than 200 Heroes also you can use custom skins to them to enhance the quality of it. All heroes have a different life, power, shield, speed, tier and special power to use. You have to just click on a hero and then see the info.

From Skin Gallery you can preview custom skins for your heroes. Different skins give you mixed advantages like – Control Immune, HP, Attack, Damage Reduce, Speed, Holy Damage, Crit Damage, Armor Break, Block, and precision. But all these features are not in a single skin, you have to choose smartly from those.

Tips and Cheats to Win

If you don’t use the hacked version of this game then you may try to follow some simple tips to get some helps to win on every battle. If you have enough money to buy VIP 1, 2 or 3 then you will get more advantages than this but if you haven’t then followed the tips and cheats to obtain some benefits.

Collect Daily Reward

Don’t forget to collect your daily reward from the left message box. If you are not a VIP player than these tips will help you a lot to get some coins and gems. Also, Check in every day where you will get gems and summon heroes 1-time limitation per day.

Event Raid

After reaching a minimum level you can access the event raid where you can challenge to get unlimited coins for free. Let’s see the challenge’s details.

  • Cold Challenge – It unlocks at player level 20. You will win many golds as rewards. There are two free challenge times per day, and the only victory will consume one challenge time. Increase your level to unlock a more difficult challenge. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. The higher your VIP level, the more additional challenge times you can buy. Winning the challenge will get you a chance to obtain 2 or 3 rewards.
  • Brave Challenge – It unlocks at player level 25. You can win Spirit and Heroes promotion stone as challenge rewards. There’s a limitation of two free challenge times per day, the only victory will be counted as one challenge time.
  • Hero Challenge – IT unlocks at player level 30. There is a chance of winning Hero Shards as challenge rewards. You will get two free challenge times per day, the only victory will be counted as one challenge time. Increase your level to unlock more difficult challenges. The higher the difficulty the better the rewards. Also, the higher your VIP level is the more additional challenge times you can buy. Winning the challenge will get you a chance to get double rewards.

 Collect Achievement Reward

In the option Achieved, collect your reward by completing simple tests like – Upgrade to level 10 or 20, Disassemble 50 or 100 heroes, Complete 1000 heroic summons, No 5 star hero obtained after 200 consecutive heroic summons, get 6 star heroes, become VIP 1, 2 or 3, get 20 sets of green equipment, get 10 sets of red equipment, get 5 sets of orange equipment, win 10 in the crystal crown league, get 1200P in the crystal crown league etc.

By completing this Challenge you will get Gold coins, gems, Shoes, Summon hero, Special Avatar, Friend summons currency, Hero replacement material, Accessory, Weapon etc. So this is the biggest tips to follow if you are a beginner and don’t know the basis of this game.

Spin on Wishing Fountain

You have to reach a minimum level to access Wishing Fountain and Super Wishing Fountain where you can Spin using wishing coins and get exciting prizes like – Upgrade stone materials, Shoes, Hero upgrade EXP, Summon Hero, Hero Advance EXP, and Gold Coins. Here are the basic rules of Wishing Fountain.

  • It refreshes automatically every 24 hours. The refresh time will reset if it is manually refreshed.
  • There is a Chance to get hero shards, equipment, and artifacts by consuming wishing Coins.
  • 10 Lucky coins will be rewarded for each lucky draw, which can be used to exchange for hero shards, equipment etc. in Lucky Store.
  • Wishing coin can be purchased by gems from wishing fountain, marketplace, event packages and can be claimed in some special events.

Connect With Facebook

If you want to save and share your progress then connect with Facebook. You can directly share your every progress so that you can show how tough gamer you are to your friend. But if you are using mod apk from a normal hacker don’t connect with facebook else you could be banned. If you downloaded this game from our website then you can safely join beside Facebook.

Mod Features

Generally, Idle Heroes is an online Game which used special anti-cheat system. Also, it updates frequently, so if in your device you couldn’t use mod apk then try to download it after some time when I release the latest version of this game. You will get the following benefits in Idle Heroes mod apk.


  • Unlimited Gold Coins,
  • Infinite Gems,
  • VIP 13 unlocked,
  • Endless Everything.

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Download Idle Heroes Mod Apk with unlimited gems and gold

Download SoulCraft Mod Apk V2.9.7 Unlimited Money and Gold

Download SoulCraft Mod Apk V2.9.7 Unlimited Money and Gold

Free download SoulCraft Mod Apk latest version with Unlimited money, gold, gems, and unlocked character or hack it yourself using the Game Guardian app.

Game Name SoulCraft – Action RPG ( free) Mod Apk
Version 2.9.5
Developer MobileBits GmbH
Supported On 4.0.3 and up
Updated December 13, 2017
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 54 MB
Category Role Playing


Features of SoulCraft Mod Apk Game for Android

SoulCraft – Action RPG (free), the best offline Action Role Playing Game for Android is now available with lots of mod and customization for free. In it, you are playing the role of an angel and the main task is to kill the demons to save the world.

At the point of starting, you will be in a square land where the first fight will begin and suddenly there will come demons who will try to kill you. But as you are acting as an angel you will have a Sword and you have to kill those demons and go to the next stage. There are a variety of weapons and characters are available in the store, buy them.

Rapidly attack will perform a super attack which will rotate 360 degrees and will impact on all the demon near you. After killing the enemy you will get XP which will help you gain Level.

You can buy Angel to get Health and Attack performance and in the mod version, you didn’t have to cry for those. In the mod apk provided by Droid Signal has unlimited Money, gems and every item you want.

What could you do in this game?

In the setting, you can change the button size which will impact on movement and attack button. You can also change the movable button to fixed controls position. The best thing is that you can use Tablet Controls and can get a good tablet experience in this Soul Craft Mod soul hunting game.

You can also connect to your google plus account so that whenever you want you can synchronize your data which will help you save your stages online.

There are several chapters and in every chapter, you will get many stages. On every stage, there’s a chance to get potions, boots, XP, souls, Golds, Armor which will help you to make perfect for the next chapter. Are you ready to play SoulCraft Action RPG Game on your Android?

SoulCraft Action RPG Android GamePlay

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What’s included in SoulCraft Mod Apk

You will get the following features in the mod version –


  1. Unlimited Gold,
  2. Infinite Money,
  3. Limitless Soul and XP,
  4. All Heroes and levels Unlocked,
  5. Gold Membership.

Download SoulCraft Mod Apk Game Unlimited Gold Membership

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link

SoulCraft Cheat Method 100% working

Image 1 instruction
  • At first, click on the icon I showed in image 1,
  • Then click on soulcraft account,
  • And last click on log in.
Image 2 Instruction


  • On the email box enter this email – [email protected]
  • On password box enter the bolded word: soulcraft
  • And hit the Log In button, That’s all now you are enjoying the mod games.
  • Note: The password will be in small letter and then you can turn off your internet connection.