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Diamond Quest 2 Mod Apk 1.26 Unlimited Gems

Diamond Quest 2 Mod Apk 1.26 Unlimited Gems

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Download Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple Mod Apk with unlimited coins, diamonds, and energy. Grab the diamonds, avoid traps, and test your brain to win.
Game Name Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple Apk
Release Date 24 September 2020
Updated On 13 November 2020
Developer Bounce Global
Supported On 4.1 and up
Mode Offline
Size 40 MB
Category Adventure


Info of Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple Game for Android

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Be Aware! The most popular and addictive adventure game is now available in the store!

In Diamond Quest 2: The Lost Temple, you are an intrepid explorer, pressing deep into the jungles of Angkor Wat temple, the dungeons of Bavaria castle, and the icy Tibet caves. Your quest is to collect a series of gems before heading for an exit that leads to the next room.
In your adventure, you must cut through leaves, break cobwebs to find the precious jewels.

Gravity takes hold of precariously balanced boulders and sends them toppling down to smash any slow-moving creatures, yourself included. At the end of each map, you must defeat a boss monster to escape for the next locale.

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diamond quest 2 hack unlimited gems

Main Features

  1. New challenges: Complete new 100 levels and continue updating.
  2. Fantastic Visual: Gorgeous HD graphics and lovely soundtracks.
  3. Exciting Gameplay: Tons of different obstacles and traps to get around: snakes, turtles, bombs, monkeys… Somewhere you have to dive into the water to complete your quest.
  4. Checkpoint: Re-spawn your self at the most recent checkpoint at any time.
  5. Big Boss: So big and so hard to defeat. Be careful with your life.
  6. Mystic Tools: Use Mystic Hammer to break the weak walls, Mystic Hook to drag things, and Freeze Hammer to freeze things.
  7. Challenge Puzzle: Challenge your brain and prove your intelligence with hundreds of puzzles to solve.

Mod Info

If you download the mod apk you will get the following things unlocked.

  1. Unlimited Gems,
  2. Infinite Diamonds,
  3. All Characters Unlocked,
  4. Free Shopping.

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Download Diamond Quest 2 Mod Apk v1.26 Unlimited Money & Gems

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Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk 200128 Unlimited Moonstones

Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk 200128 Unlimited Moonstones

Download Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Mod Apk with unlimited Moonstones and meat unlocked. Hunt animals and enjoy this new type of simulator game in your Android.

Game Name Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Apk
Release Date 11 March 2020
Updated On 31 August 2020
Developer Foxie Ventures
Supported On 5.0 and up
Mode Offline
Size 141 MB
Category Role-Playing, Action, and Adventure


Info of Wolf Tales – Home & Heart Game for Android

The Animal wildlands is a dangerous RPG world, where the forest animals guard their territory while hunting and surviving off the land. For centuries, the wolf packs have remained at the top of the food chain, maintaining the natural order, led by their alpha, the last remaining dire wolf. When the dire wolf goes missing, you must lead your pack to greatness. Select a gray wolf or a black wolf, and start building your ultimate wolfpack. A wildlife simulation adventure awaits!

Worldwide Multiplayer Battles – PVP

Fight for dominance in the virtual world! Take on the world in online real-time multiplayer PvP battles. Hunt together with your team in co-op and battle enemy clans to control the most territory. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?


Create your ultimate RPG hero – you can choose which skills to learn and upgrade. Unique skills range from basic MMORPG abilities to fantasy elemental attacks – and even stealth skills that allow you to hide in the forest and become the ultimate predator!

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Breed & Raise Cubes

Build a family and role play! A realistic breeding sim gives cubs stronger fighting attributes compared to their parents. Take your pups out with you as you raid other clans and hunt your prey. Your pups will watch your every move, learning important survival and life skills. Trail your pup well, else they will not stand a chance in the online multiplayer PvP battle arena.

Collect Animals

The alpha is the hero of each pack. You can duel enemy clans and recruit their alpha to your den. Collect wolves, foxes, bears and other wild animals, each with realistic and fantasy evolution skins. Each creature is rendered in stunning 3D graphics.

Live the Store Of a Wolf Clan

A true survival simulator. When nature’s balance is threatened as the Great River has become contaminated, competition between the animals over the remaining spring water has begun. Even foreign tigers have been spotted far outside of their borders, causing concern amongst the rest of the animals.

There have also been rumors of ancient reptiles, rising to the surface from centuries of slumber, claiming the mountains and caves as their own. The gray wolves are now called upon to craft a solution in these troubled times.

A Massive Open World

Explore a huge, unbroken open MMO world teeming with wildlife, from the dense forest, mountains to the freezing arctic. You can fight in online multiplayer PvP areas, tackle quests, role play, gather resources or raid enemy clans and take over their home. You might even encounter the tiger king on your adventure (a superior evolution of the natural tiger), who has been spotted in the forest for the first time in centuries!

Mod Features

Hunt animals, collect various types of items and upgrade your wolf to make it stronger. If you have not enough resource then use the mod apk where you will get the following things.

  1. Unlimited Moon Stone,
  2. Infinite Meat,
  3. All type of Fantasy, Mythic, Rare wolf unlocked.

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Download Wolf Tales  Mod Apk v200128 Unlimited Money 2020

Note: This mod is currently in progress and soon will be released on my website. You should wait some time for 100% working mod apk. Subscribe our Official YouTube channel to get latest Mod Android Games ASAP.

Monster Legends Mod Apk v11.3.1 Unlimited Everything

Monster Legends Mod Apk v11.3.1 Unlimited Everything

Free Download Monster Legends Mod Apk latest version with unlimited money/gold, gems, foods, premium pass unlocked and almost everything you need to Battle.
Game Name Monster Legends Apk
Version 11.3.1
Released On 12 June 2014
Updated On 6 July 2021
Developer Social Point
Supported On 4.4 and up
Mode Online
Size 110 MB
Category Simulation


Features of Monster Legends Apk Mod for Android

Are you ready for the battle with the ultimate legendary epic monsters? Social Points released another exciting game Monster Legends for Android which is an online strategy RPG mode. You will meet unique mythical dragons, magic, power and train them with unique skills and getting fit for the contest in the PvP arena.

A brief welcome to the island of monsters, meet your trainer Pandalf the master of monster and get ready for your basic training. Build your first fire habitat, costs only 100 Gold and place it to your choice. Then create your first monster from the hatchery. Buy the egg of Firesaur and hatch it in your habitat. Then feed it to gain XP, make it bigger and stronger and level up. You have to do it and become the master of this game, nothing else.

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Your First Mission to do

If you are really a noob player then you may miss what should you have to do. You have to collect huge knowledge about it so that you could be the winner of every event. So I am describing it shortly so that you could make a happy starting, let’s start.


Open Chest

Click on goals and open your free chest ( you will be given 1 free chest in every 6 hours later which is the source of getting free foods, gems, and many simple gifts. Also, there are more chest to open –

  • Monster Chest ( 55 Gems ) – It contains 2 prizes with 1 guaranteed monster,
  • Epic Monster Chest ( 225 Gems ) – It includes 6 prizes with a guaranteed epic monster or better than this.
  • Legendary Monster Chest ( 685 Gems ) – This is the best chest ever where you will get 15 prizes with guaranteed 5 monster where you will get at least 2 Legendary Monster.

Buy Unique Monsters from Store

Do you have enough Monster? If not why you don’t buy some from the store. Some of them could be bought using gold and some of them only for Gems. But before buying you might have to ensure that Hatchery and habitat are enough to hatch.

Some common monsters are – Musu, Scorchpeg, Pandalf, Thunderon, Obsidane, King Daeron, Annihilator R2. Choose your favorite monster and start feeding them to grow them quickly.

Breed Monsters

It’s really an important task that you have to breed a monster in this game. To do this you have to go in Breeding Mountain and then click on the breed and then select 1 male and female monster then start breeding. It’s required some time to start breeding, you can skip the time by spending some gems. Then go to hatchery and hatch it to Nature Habit, that’s all.

Let’s Attack

Do you have enough monster to fight? Let’s start your first attack on Adventure Map. Because to play in Dungeons and Multiplayer ( with friends or other players ) you need to reach level 10.

Remember that you will have only 5 points to attack, each attack required 1 – to points. It refills after some few minutes. After a successful fight, you will receive XP, Gold Money, and Fruits. Also, you will receive 1 instant spin where you could earn gems too.

Monster Legends Tips and Cheats

Wanna get 3 stars from every Adventure Map, Dungeons and in PvP Multiplayer Match then you must need to follow some Tips and Cheats.

  • Open Free Chest – In every 6 hours later you will get 1 free chest, open it and get exciting free foods and gems.
  • Get Free Monster – In every 24 hours later you will get a free monster, don’t forget to claim them.
  • Complete Goals – There are various types of goals available in this option like – Defeat the 1st Island’s Miniboss, Share Monster Legends, Buy a farm, Feed 6 Monsters to level 4, Breed Trezard with Rockilla, etc. Complete them to get XP, Gold, Gems, and Food.
  • Get Premium Pass – For the first time, you will receive Premium Pass for 3 days. You have to be active in these two days to get the full benefits.
  • Shop Carefully – While you enter the shop, buy carefully since you have limited resources.
  • Upgrade – Upgrade your Farm, Habitat, Hatchery and more to get from them.
  • Clear Obstacle – Clear your path to build more building on your island else you won’t add or buy anything from the store.
  • Feed Monster – Though when you win any match in Adventure Map you will receive XP for your monster, you can get extra XP even when you feed your monster.
  • Useful tools – You need to know about useful tools to get free food.

How to breed a Legendary Monster?

To breed Legendary Monster, Breed as following –

  • Skipples + Duchess = Vadamagma,
  • Musu + Terracrank = Rockantium,
  • Rabidex + Tartarus = Thorder,
  • Razfeesh + Drop Elemental = Lord of Atlantis,
  • Rhynex + Darknubis = Nemestrinus,
  • Esthirel + Goldcore = Arch Knight,
  • Erpham + Drop Elemental = Goldfield,
  • Fayemelina + Darknubis = Darkzgul,

To know more details about Legendary Breeding read the Article here at Level Skip. If you follow this post you can grow Legendary Monster easily.

Upgrade to the Premium Pass

Are you the biggest fan of Monster Legends? Then you may upgrade it to the premium pass for 7 days or 30 days. Unlock the premium pass and get up to 30 days of exclusive access to extra resources and bonuses.


  • 1 Extra Hatching Slot,
  • Double Gold Collection,
  • Double Food Collection,
  • 1 Extra Worker.

Mods Features

Download the latest version of Monster Legends Game for Android Mobile. If you have downloaded the mod apk from our private site then you will get almost unlimited everything. Note: Do not update from the play store, otherwise you won’t receive any bonus.

  1. Unlimited Gems,
  2. Infinite Gold,
  3. Countless food,
  4. Free Upgrade Premium Pass, and
  5. Unlimited Everything,

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Monster Legends Mod Apk 11.3.1 Free Download 2021 (Win 3 Stars Every Time)