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Free Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold and Gems. Also, you will get all the weapons unlocked to kill those stupid zombies.

App Name Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk
Version 1.2.3
Released On 22 May 2014
Updated On 7 June 2018
Developer Mountain Lion
Supported On 3.0 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 19 MB
Category Action


Be ready to start a war in 2019 between Zombies vs Human where the possibility to win is 50:50. Isn’t it interesting? If you have enough time to spend, then you must try this game because it is the source of unlimited happiness.

Over 30 plus weapons, you are going to hunt the zombies in 11 magical maps filled with thrilling missions. Upgrade your weapon, character and develop your skill to be more vulnerable then ever. This is the right time to be the legendary hunter.

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Game Mode

In this Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Mod Apk, you can access 3 game mode – Time Trial, Survival Run, and Kill the Zombies. After completing a level you will get exciting Reward, if failed you won’t get anything. Let’s see the rules to join those modes.

Time Trial – In this mode, you have to survive and stay Alive for a limited time. In those time you have to kill zombies to ensure your success. You will get Gold, Gems, and 1 Gift Box after completing the task.

Survival Run – Don’t be slow, you have to run a long way, zombies are coming, blast them and persist until you reach the required miles.

Kill the Zombies – Do you have your best gun in your hand? If yes, then go for hunting those stupid zombies using your best gun, shotgun, or assault rifle. Survive at any cost continuously to win against zombies.

Endless Mod – At last, if you reach Day 5 then you can access this Endless training mode. Here you have to kill as many zombies as you can until your last HP. You can use Zombie Diary 2 Mod Apk where you will get Unlimited HP which is the perfect fit for this mod.

Weapons to Survive

Since you are going to hunt zombie, you must need a good weapon and recommended weapon to successfully pass any level. You will get 28 different types of weapon from the shop, you have to upgrade to increase power, fire rate, and critical damage. Let’s see the name and price of them.


  1. Wrench – 2500 Gold,
  2. Guitar – 30 Gems,
  3. Samurai Sword – 12,000 Gold,
  4. Max Axe – 30,000 Gold,
  5. Chain Saw – 400 Gems,
  6. Sig P220 – You will be given this weapon for free,
  7. Desert Eagle – 4000 Gold,
  8. Golden Desert Eagle – 50 Gems,
  9. Colt Anaconda – 18,000 Gold,
  10. Micro Uzi – 7500 Gold,
  11. FN P90 – 16,000 Gold,
  12. Mp5K Pdw – 38,000 Gold,
  13. AK-47 – 20,000 Gold, Recommended
  14. Golden AK-47 – 150 Gems,
  15. M16-A4 – 45,000 Gold,
  16. Aug-A1 –  90,000 Gold,
  17. M4-A1 – 2,00,000 Gold,
  18. M134 Minigun – 3,00,000 Gold,
  19. Remington M870 – 18,000 Gold,
  20. Spas-12 Shotgun – 120 Gems,
  21. Mikor MGL – 75,000 Gold,
  22. Rocket – 600 Gems,
  23. Bubble Gun -40000 Gold,
  24. Flamethrower – 350 Gems,
  25. Subsonic Gun – 2,50,000 Gold,
  26. Cheytac M200 – 1,20,000 Gold,
  27. Laser Gun – 5,50,000 Gold and
  28. Thunder Gun – 1500 Gems.

Tips to get Unlimited Money and Gems

Though it is very difficult to earn money and gems from every level, you have to follow quick tips and guide to be a master player of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Game. Let’s follow the guide.


  1. Free Spin – Don’t forget to spin in slots. You will get 3 spins for Gold, Gems, and Boosters. Use this free spin to get gold and gems.
  2. Daily Task – You will be given daily tasks every day, complete them to get unlimited money and gems.
  3. Zombie Shop – If you have collected enough eye, brain, and heart of zombies then you may enter the Zombie Shop to exchange them and get exciting Boosters.

What’s included in Zombie Diary 2 Mod Apk

Feel Free to hunt zombies before they kill you, there’s not enough time to wait. But if you stuck on buying weapons then must try mod apk where you will get those extras.


  • Unlimited Gold/money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Infinite Ammo,
  • Endless Health,
  • All Weapons unlocked.

Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems

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