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Download Vector Mod Apk Full Deluxe Version Unlocked and enjoy the game in your Android. You have to Run, Vault, slide and climb to play in this game.

Game Name Vector Mod Apk
Version 1.2.1
Released On 7 February 2013
Updated On 10 February 2020
Developer Nekki
Supported On 4.0 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 89 MB
Category Arcade


This is one of the most popular arcade styles game where featuring you like an exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. It opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing than a distant dream. But you are the only one who the heart of your is strong and you soon will be free from there.

The main task is you have to run, vault, slide and climb using your extraordinary talent and gaming experience based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” whose sole purpose is to capture you and bring you back, so you have to use your maximum mastery.

On the free version, you will get 20 Levels to challenge and 40 in the deluxe premium version. To enjoy the full apk you will have to download vector mod apk where you will get full version completely free.

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Game Mode

In this game, there is 2 game mode to play and acquire stars from them. Classic and Hunter. When you start the game you will find classic mode unlocked to play and Hunter Mode-locked. To unlock Hunter you have to gain 50 stars from classic game mode. On those game mode, you will find 3 location Downtown, Construction Yard, and Technology Park. And all the location have 11 story stages to play.

Also, there is an option called stats from there you can see your – Total Running Distance, Jumps, Slides, Bonuses Collected, Coins Collected, Tricks Performed, Tracks Passed, Tracks Passed with 3 Stars, Deaths, Deaths by Hunter, Hunters Killed, and Glass Broken. This helps you to understand your gaming experience and performance.

Enter the Shopping

From the Store, you can buy Gadgets, Tricks, Gear, and Coins which enhance the player power to the running and let’s see what’s inside the store.


  • Gadgets – From gadgets, you can buy Force Blaster which saves you from the enemy when you are in touch with him. And Slow Time make the game Slow during running so that you can perform your best trick movement.
  • Tricks – There are lots of tricks available in the store to buy using your coins and they are – Jump Tumble, Spinning Vault, Thief Vault, Reverse Vault, Backflip, Obstacle Vault, Bar Jump, Screwdriver, Rail flip Vault, Barrel Vault, Obstacle Frontflip, Monkey Vault, Double Kong, Bar Backflip, Dash Vault, Air Bomb, Split Vault, Descent Vault, Straight Leggs Flip, Swallow, Fold Flip, Flip and Roll, Boom Boom Shooh, 360 Wall Cling, Slow Spin, Underbar, Jump Down Roll, Cheat Gainer, Flying Arrow, Double Spin Vault, Spin 360, King Kong Jumpoff, Spin Bicycle, Long Circle, Air Spin, Triple Hit Trick, Handspring to Roll and Triple Swing. You will get more tricks in vector deluxe apk premium version.
  • Gear – It will improve visualization in the game. You can buy Cap, Shorts, and Scarf from the store.

Upgrade Vector to Deluxe Version

If you want to enjoy the full features of Vector you have to Upgrade your free vector to Deluxe Version where you will get Pro features to enhance the game performance, stage and play with full fun and not included in the free version. You need to pay 0.74 Euro to unlock these features. You will get the following thing on deluxe apk –


  • More Tricks,
  • No Ads,
  • Game Progress Preserved,
  • Extra Coins for Stars.

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Game Experience of Vector in Android

This is a simulation game where your task is to unbox cases and obtain a new weapon item. Overall the game is not so impressive to me but you may get some little fun in this game.

  • Control – You can easily control the game though there are not so option to control and you have to just open the case, trade and play on the casino, that’s all.
  • Graphics – The entire game was based on pictures which were so annoying. Also, the pictures are not HD. So it doesn’t satisfy me with graphics.
  • Sound – Sound quality of spinning is good and this is the only thing which meets my satisfaction criteria. HD sound effect on spin will make you happy.
  • Cases – There are so many cases to unbox and you can play it for a long time if you like a simulation game.

This game is comfortable for both low-end and high-end devices. It doesn’t lag on low storage android mobile and it doesn’t require much RAM to play. Even if you have less than 521MB RAM you can play this game without any tension.

Mod Features

To get the full fun of this game there is no alternate of modified apk. Here are the features of mod apk.

  • Unlimited Coins/ Money,
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Full Delux Version Unlocked,

Free Download Vector Mod Apk 1.2.1 Full Version with Unlimited Money and Stars