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Free Download Traffic Rider mod apk latest version with unlimited money, gold, and all motorbikes unlocked for Android. Forget the rules and start the race.

Game Name Traffic Rider Mod Apk
Version 1.6.1
Released On 11 January 2016
Updated On 7 May 2019
Developer Soner Kara
Supported On Various with device
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 80 MB
Category Racing


Traffic Rider is the second game developed by Soner Kara for Android devices which is a bike racing 3d game with realistic graphics, sounds, and machine. You will experience a cool interface with 29 unique motorbikes, day and night visions, 70+ missions, and major language support.

If you like bike racing game then this will be your first choice without any doubt. Control your bike over the traffic in 1 way or 2-way road carefully and make a close call for an extra bonus. Don’t forget to save your bone from the hilarious road accidents, it’s not so easy.

Though this is a mobile game, you have to follow all the rules you maintain in real life. Watch for the traffic, slow down your speed, use a booster when you see free space, complete the race without any damage and be the master of Traffic Rider Mod Apk.

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Exciting Game Mode

Enjoy the 4 game mode in this game and be the best by playing over again. Though Career mode is unlocked for the beginner you have to unlock endless, time trial, and free ride using money or you reach the required level. Let’s see what is the rules and regulation of those game mode.

  • Career Mode – Here you will find 2 maps and many mission to start your first race. After finishing a successful sortie you will get money for Total Distance, Close overtakes, High Speed, Opposite Direction, and mission accomplished. As you go higher mission you have to finish the race in one way or two-way road, highway, desert or night, and noon, evening or night time.
  • Endless Mode – In this game mode you will be taken to a random place to race, you can choose what will be the road one way or two way. Your income will be increased in you start your race in the evening ( 15% ) or Night ( 30% ) than noon time. Also, you can select the stage at Highway, Desert, City, and Winter as your wish. Here you will have to survive to the endless path without any damage.
  • Time Trial Mode – Here time is important than damage to your motor bike. You will be given a limited time to finish the race before trial. And other rules are the same as Endless Mode.
  • Free Ride Mode – No rules, no regulation, what do you think about a free ride? Here you can choose Traffic Density 0 to 100%, if you are a noob racer then this stage is perfect for you. Please note that in this mode you won’t be able to win any money and gold.

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Go to the Garage

What about to buy a new bike from the garage or upgrade and customize them? You can do anything you want from here. Let’s see what type of bike you will get in Traffic Rider Apk.

  1. FZH Turbo,
  2. V900-CX,
  3. KF 450T,
  4. CX 750F,
  5. VX95 Night,
  6. KBX 250,
  7. Shadow R,
  8. CBZ 250Y,
  9. NJ 350,
  10. DCT STR,
  11. YNH CX60,
  12. ZX 750,
  13. FXT U2,
  14. CHIEFLT,
  15. GX 1400,
  16. ZZF 1400,
  17. Y-Maks,
  18. SK 1200,
  19. CBN 1000R,
  20. SR 1000Z,
  21. CSR 1300,
  22. FX 10S,
  23. ARTIL TP4,
  24. YNH S1,
  25. DCT 8910H,
  26. AGS 4F,
  27. KWS RH2,
  28. FROD X,
  29. TOMA, and
  30. AURA ( This is the best and high price bike in Traffic Rider ),

Buy any of them you want and don’t worry about money and gold you will get unlimited of them in the mod version. If you have chosen your dream bike then upgrade their Power, Handling, and Braking. Also, you can change the color of any bike as desired from here. Change the driver’s hand color, gloves by spending some money. And the last thing it’s optional, you can use stickers for your motorbike from the garage.

What’s included in Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Enjoy the best realistic Motor Bike Racing game in Android with ultrasound quality, powerful visual graphics, and much stages and missions. Unlock 29+ Bikes by download Traffic Rider Mod Apk and more features.


  • Unlimited Money,
  • Infinite Gold
  • All Bikes Unlocked,
  • All Stages Unlocked.

Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk With Unlimited Money and Gems

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