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Free Download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold/ Money for Android. Be the brave stickman and war against rivals using your best weapon.

App Name The Catapult 2 Apk
Version 2.0.8
Released On 22 December 2018
Updated On 12 August 2019
Supported On 4.1 and up
Developer BYV
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 65 MB
Category Action


I know, you are a brave stickman warrior. Get ready and try to protect your castle from the enemy at al cost. Stay on the tower and watch the behavior of them and war until your last breath. Download it from DroidSignal to get unlimited Gold Coins to buy your essential utilities.

You have your weapon, protection, improved castle, Skins, and skins. Buy them and start your journey in a long way and survive as long as possible to earn Gold Coins.  In addition to the catapult, you can crush the attacker’s cannon if you are too much accurate.

There are 4 different game modes available to play. Two-Player, Campaign, Mode, and PvP. Equip your self with the best items from the store and defeat as many stickman enemies as possible to endure. Also, there is a free spin available every 3 hours later, don’t ignore to use it.

Buy Weapons and Protection

There are lots of weapons and protection available to buy from the store to your survive. Here is the list of those items.


  • Catapult – It throws one projectile, has minimal passive protection,
  • Ballista – It fires one arrow, it hasn’t any passive protection,
  • Double Catapult – It throws two projectiles, there is no enduring strength in it,
  • Cannon – It fires cannonballs, It hasn’t any passive protection.


  • Spoon Shield – It creates a protective spoon-shaped shield,
  • Energy Sphere – It generates a guarding circle around the catapult,
  • Energy Arcs – It Creates two arcs that destroy enemy missiles,
  • Force Field – This is a protective sphere around the catapult. It can withstand 3 hits. After that, it’s recharging for some time,
  • Reflective Shield – It creates a reflective spoon-shaped shield,
  • Reflective Sphere – It performs a reflective sphere around the player,
  • Reflective Arcs – It builds two arcs that reflect projectiles,
  • Reflective Force Field – This is a reflective sphere which creates a sphere around the catapult. It can withstand 3 hits. After that, it’s recharging for some moment.
  • Barricades – It has a low level of strength. They stop opponents approaching the castle.
  • Palisade – It has an average level of strength. It stops enemies overtaking the palace.
  • Defensive wooden stakes – It has a low level of strength but it stops and inflicts them losses.
  • Mine – It explodes in contact with the opponent.

There are skins and upgraded Castles to defense damage from strikes, buy them. Also, you can buy some skills as shown below to be invincible.

  • Thorough overhaul – It completely restores the castle and the weapon with the help of magic,
  • Lightning Strike – It kills all stickmen on the battlefield with lightning speed,
  • Slow motion – It slows down all opponents for 7 seconds,
  • Hail of stones – It is a large number of cobblestones falls on enemies from the sky,
  • Poisonous Field – In a small area in front of the castle becomes deadly for stickmen,
  • Absolute protection – A large shield that covers the entire castle from fire.

Mod Features

The Catapult 2 is a survival game where you have to kill stickman enemy using your weapon, and protection. If you download mod apk of this game you will get the following thing.


  1. Unlimited Money/Gold Coins,
  2. All weapon unlocked,
  3. All protection Unlocked.

Download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Gold