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Tap Tycoon Mod Apk Download for Android latest version with unlimited money and diamond. Tap screen and invest in group to get money and upgrade property.

Game Name Tap Tycoon Mod Apk
Version 2.0.14
Released On 16 December 2015
Updated On 10 July 2018
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Supported On 4.3 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 44 MB
Category Simulation


Tap Tycoon game made by Tap titan where the biggest chess of country vs country money incremental game where you have to tap on the screen as many times you want to create money on the air and a man will take them for you to invest it in your business. You can create your Mini Industry and upgrade it through that money. The main investment will be on Mind Boggling Technologies such as – Antigravity fork, Luggage Shrink Ray and the Holographic Window.

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What Can You Do in this game?


  • Money Master – You can become a money master in Tap Tycoon game. You can upgrade money master any time to increase the dollar rate which starts from 1$. You can upgrade money master at 1x, 10x, 100x and max to easily do the process simply taping one time. Max upgrade will take all your money and give you maximum money value.
  • Building – You can build many building such as –  Bank, Hotel, Post office, Power plant, Department Store, Armory, Theme Park, Media Center  and many more which will give you money after a limited time.
  • Supply Box – When you start tapping and collect some money there will come a rocket man who will give you a supply box where there is a chance to get some extra Money and Diamond.
  • Diamond Boost – You can boost dropping money like – Make money rain, Reset skill CD, Double Profit using Diamond. Also you could get some Diamond by Following Twitter and Like Facebook Page. It is a good idea of getting some free diamond if you are not using tap tycoon mod apk.
  • Achievements – You can see your achievements, to know your skill. Although you will get some free Diamond by achieving some Achievements like – Tap 5.00K times, Reach a maximum net worth of 1.00T, Reach Business Profit 50.00B, Get Rocket Presents, Use Quick Cash 5 times, Use Supercharged 2 times, Use Auto Tap 10 times, Use Hand of Midas 7 times, Receive 5 different tech cards, Prestige bonus of 100 reached, Send 200 Soldiers. The Achievement item will be changed to level 5 as you go further.
  • Account – You can create a Tap Tycoon account through your Email or Facebook. After creating account you can even  import account progress so that your hard work doesn’t waste. By signing up through email will give you 50 diamonds and sign up through will give you 100 diamonds which will help you a lot to go to the next level.
  • Settings – From settings you can turn on/off sound and music, Get some help, Turn on/off Rocket boy, Fat Cat: Come Back, Create Account, Get support from the developer, get daily rewards and delete your account.
  • ProblemMain problem is the game is half screen and the upgrade section is half screen which is annoying for someone.

Get Unlimited Money and Diamond – Tap Tycoon Guides and Cheats

In this game you can get unlimited money and Diamonds without any mod version, i mean that you don’t need any mod apk to do that just follow some simple steps to do that –

Creating Account by Connecting with Facebook or Email

When you start the game for the first time connect the game with your Facebook Id or through Email. By connecting with Facebook it will give 100 Diamonds free and with Email you will get 50 Diamonds and it totally your choice by which you connect. A Tap Tycoon Account can save your all game data which allow you to get access anytime even when you uninstall and install it.

Turn on Rocket Boy from Options

Go to options and check that is Rocket Boy still turned on or off. It is the big deal to get unlimited money and some diamonds for free. And the main trick is when you do that turning on this option a rocket boy will come after around 20 seconds and give you Money, Diamond, Cash stack Change, Business Super Charged and auto tap.  As you get prestige more time you have a chance of getting 100av or even 100dd withing a day.

Join Tap Tycoon Investment Group

Another legal method of getting money is investment group where you have to click on the top right icon under the internet icon. Basically you can create a new group. But it is recommend to you to search for a new group and enter to a profitable group where you can invest money. And it will be a good choice to invest daily and get some fresh money from them. But note that you have a chance of losing money. And before going on investment group you need to be prestige for the first time and have to stay online otherwise you will not be able to access it.

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Game Experience of Tap Tycoon Game in Android

Be unstable, play this game and I assure you that you won’t be able to stop your hand while playing. Easy control and tasks give the boost to the ultimate game experiences.

  • Control – Tap anywhere on the screen on the road, building, air to get money and upgrade your buildings. There nothing more satisfying thing than this to do.
  • Graphics – This is Cartoon Graphics Games where you have to tap on the air in 2D mode. But this 2D game will game will satisfy you 100%.
  • Sound – Background music is exciting but the action sounds like collecting money inclining building is good enough.
  • Stages – Though this game has only 1 stage there are lots of tasks to do. When you know how to play this game, you will be addictive to this game.

This game is comfortable for both low-end and high-end devices. It doesn’t lag on low storage android mobile and it doesn’t require much RAM to play. Even if you have less than 521MB RAM you can play this game without any tension.

What’s included in Tap Tycoon Mod Apk for Android

Before using mod/cracked/hack apk you must have to turn off your internet connection, otherwise your gold and Gems could be lost. The latest mod apk is completely free and many things included. You will get the following features in the mod version –


  1. Unlimited Money,
  2. Unlimited Diamonds/ Gems,
  3. All item unlocked
  4. All level Unlocked,
  5. No Ads,

You can download this Game from Google Play Store, but for the mod/hack version you have to download from outside of Play Store. All the download links are safe to use and they are fast to download.

Download Tap Tycoon Mod Apk Game Unlimited Gold and Gems

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