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Download Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars Mod Apk with unlimited Gems and Gold for free. Download the latest version of this game and enjoy in your Android.

Game Name Stickman Legends: Shadow War Offline Fighting Game
Version 2.4.46
Developer ZITGA PTE. LTD.
Supported On 4.1 and up
Updated 21 March 2020
Mode Offline
Size 109 MB
Category Action


This is one of the best offline fighting sport for Android Mobile where you can perform your dream action movement. This is a premium game where you have to fight against the evil with your swords. Stickman Legends Mod Apk is a classic mix of RPG and Player vs Player ( PvP ). You can play it even if you haven’t any internet connection.

In each historic Shadow Combat, you’ll play the role of a dark knight hero who is challenging with countless enemies and showing off high spirit as well as a backbone of a stickman ninja warrior. It’s time to take some action, don’t wait just grab the dark sword and slash them all into pieces and be a winner.

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All the Game Stages of Stickman Legends

There is a total of 6 stages available to play. On every stage, there are 14 level and 1 boss level available to play. To attend a level you need 10 stamina and if you complete a level you will get some Gold and XP. Also, there is an option for a pro player where you can choose the level to Normal to Hard, Extreme, Nightmare, and Hell but for a beginner, it remains locked. Let’s see all the stages name.

  • Undead Castle,
  • Devis Forest,
  • Frost Mountain,
  • Death’s Bay,
  • Dragon Cave, and
  • Spider Swamp.

As you go higher level it becomes hard to complete a level. You have to upgrade your weapons and skill to complete those. Don’t worry about Gold or Gems because I am giving Stickman Shadow Wars Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold and Gems to use.

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Characters and Costumes

There is 6 Character available to play and they are – Shido, Bernald Griggs, Ignite, Mistral, Raven, and Hason. All those players have unique powers and skills to use. Also, there are tons of costume available to equip and they are –

Pirate, Aristocrat, Project: Shido, Dragon Slayer, Street Style, Holiday Shido, Astronaut, Blood Moon Shido, Bogeyman, Dark Knight Shido, Dracula, Champion, World Cup, Pirate, Aristocrat, Project: Bernald Grigs, Dragon Slayer, Rugby Style, Forsaken, Astronaut, Samurai Bernald, Creppy Clown, Dark Knight Bernald, Frankestein, Champion, Madness Doll, Pirate Ignite, Pumpkin Witch, Commander Ignite, Project: Ignite, Deadly Nurse, Dark Knight Ignite, Mafia Ignite, Reindeer, Champion, Dragon Slayer, Robo Ignite, Hunter, Soul Taker, Dark Cult, Warden, Project: Mistral, Highwind, Dark Knight Mistral, Elderwood, Miss Winter, Champion, World Cup, Pirate, Wich, Project: Raven, Dragon Slayer, Elderwood, Frozen, Voodoo, Almighty God, Project: Hason, Dark Knight Hason, and Hi-Tech Hason. Some of them remain unlocked to equip and some of them have to be unlocked.

Monsters info on the Stages

For the various stage, there is a different monster to kill and all of them have a separate fighting strategy to fight with you, let’s see them.

  • Undead Castle – Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Major, Skeleton Mage, Golem, Ghoul, and Skeleton Flag.
  • Devil Forest – Demon, Ranger Demon, Evil Crocodile, Queen Bee, Goblin, Devil Plant, and Demon Horn.
  • Frost Mountain – Axe Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Bear, Ladybird, Mammoth, Tower, and Monkey Drum.
  • Death’s Bay – Murloc, Ranger Murloc, Slithereen Guard, Naga Knight, Hermit Crabs, Black Shark, and Naga Harp.
  • Dragon Cave – Dragon Guard, Dragon Executioner, Dragon Rider, Dragon Hound, Dragon Cavalry, Dragon Mage, and Dragon Imperator.
  • Spider Swamp – Serpent, Venom Serpent, Mushroom Fighter, Ancient Killer Bug, Great Maybug, Treant, and Poison Mushroom.

Aggressive Bosses

For 6 different stage, you have to fight with 6 separate bosses and all of them are more vulnerable than the other. So you have to show no mercy to them. Let’s see the boss name and a short description.


  1. Death Cavalry – On undead castle, you have to fight with Death Cavalry. Formerly a general of the ancient Makai empire, but after his death, he joined the demon army to continue to satisfy his killings.
  2. Giant Worm – On devil forest, you have to fight with Giant Worm. An ancient monster lives in Ukrai – the devil forest, no one can survive to tell about it.
  3. Ice Phoenix – On frost mountain, you have to fight with Ice Phoenix. Flavorst – the ice phoenix living on the Frostdawn mountain, it can freeze anyone who dares to face it.
  4. Hydra – On death’s bay, you have to fight with Hydra. A mysterious creature living in the deep sea once mentioned in many myths but no one ever saw it but can survive to come back.
  5. Barlog – On dragon cave, you will have to fight with Balrog. He is the one who caused terror in Moratt, he is the one who rules the Grahan Mountain, he, Balrog the fury. All of you, lowlife creatures, kneel down.
  6. Arachne – On spider swamp, you will have to fight with Arachne. Fear, always be our biggest enemy, anyone wants to stronger has to face with their own fear. And now is our moment, come, and fight her, the Queen of the fear, Archne.

Stickman Legends: Shadow War Premium Users Benefits

There are a total of 6 memberships available in stickman legends shadow wars Mod Apk. You can buy them using gems provided by Droid Signal. To buy Gold Member you need 500 gems, Platinum Member 800 gems, Diamond Member 1500 gems, Luxury Member 2500 gems, Supreme Member 4000 gems, and Big Boss Member 500 gems.

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Gold Member

  • +10 slots in inventory,
  • +1 turns restock in Black Market,
  • Can buy 2 turn’s in survival,
  • can buy 3 turns in the raid.

Platinum Member

  • +15 slots in inventory,
  • +2 turns restock in Black Market,
  • Can buy 3 turn’s in survival,
  • Can buy 4 turn’s in the raid,
  • Auto mode enables,
  • x2 Gold Forever.

Diamond Member

  • +20 slots in inventory,
  • +3 turns restock in Black Market,
  • Can buy 4 turn’s in survival,
  • Can buy 5 turn’s in the raid,
  • x2 starter gift,
  • Auto mode enabled,
  • x3 gold forever,
  • Receive 5 Silver Key daily,
  • Receive 5 skips daily

Luxury Member

  • +30 slots in inventory,
  • +5 turns restock in Black Market(+1 Free),
  • Can buy 5 turn’s in survival,
  • Can buy 6 turn’s in the raid,
  • x3 starter gift,
  • Auto mode enables,
  • x3 gold forever,
  • Receive 5 silver key daily,
  • Receive 3 golden key daily,
  • Receive 10 skips daily.

Supreme Member

  • +40 slots in inventory,
  • +7 turns restock in Black Market(+2 Free),
  • Can buy 6 turn’s in survival,
  • Can buy 8 turn’s in the raid,
  • x4 starter gift,
  • Auto mode enables,
  • x3 gold forever,
  • Receive 10 silver key daily,
  • Receive 5 golden key daily,
  • Receive 1 Diamond Key daily,
  • Receive 15 skips daily.

Big Boss

  • +50 slots in inventory,
  • +9 turns restock in Black Market(+3 Free),
  • x2 materials drop from a monster,
  • Can buy 7 turn’s in survival,
  • Can buy 10 turn’s in the raid,
  • x5 starter gift,
  • Auto mode enables,
  • x3 gold forever,
  • Receive 20 silver key daily,
  • Receive 10 golden key daily,
  • Receive 5 diamond key daily,
  • Receive 20 skips daily.

Game Experience of Stickman Legends: Shadow War in Android

One of the best offline action game where you have to fight with various types of enemies and bosses. The overall performance, control, graphics, and sounds are pretty good and satisfying.

  • Control – It has the easiest control where you can use auto attack and auto skills. Also, there are two arrows to go left and right. One Attack button, one Jump button, one-speed button, and some skill buttons.
  • Graphics – It comes with ultra HD graphics. If you have a low-end mobile then you can play it – Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Ultra graphics.
  • Sound – As this is one of the best premium contest for Android, it contains super music and sound fx. You can increase or decrease music and sound fx from settings.
  • Stages – There are a total of 6 stages and on every stage, there are a total of 14 general levels and 1 boss level.

It is comfortable for both low-end and high-end devices. It doesn’t lag on low storage android mobile and it doesn’t require much RAM to play. Even if you have less than 521MB RAM you can play it without any force.

Mod Features

This is a premium game and you need to buy it from google play store if you don’t want to use mod apk. Don’t forget to turn off your Internet connection during playing it, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to play it. In the hacked version, you will get the following features.

  • Unlimited Gold,
  • Unlimited Diamonds/gems,
  • All costume unlocked,
  • All Character Unlocked,
  • Premium Unlocked.

Download Stickman Legends: Shadow War Mod Apk 2.4.46 Unlimited Gems and Gold