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Download Road Riot Mod Apk with unlimited Coins, Gems and Keys Latest version for Android. Destroy the enemy vehicle using your best car and drone in this game.

App Name Road Riot Mod Apk
Version 1.29.35
Developer Titan Mobile LLC
Supported On 4.0 and up
Updated November 30, 2018
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 46 MB
Category Racing


This game quite looks like a sky shooter game sky force reloaded where you have to move your car by dragging it left to right and shoot the enemy and avoid missiles and road hazards, they will damage your car. There are lots of rival on the road you have to save your car and destroy enemys car by shooting on them by tap and holding the screen.

This popular and addictive actioned packed shooting racing game developed by Titan Mobile LLC and powered by Titan will improve your driving skills to the max level. The main task of this game is dodge missiles, destroy enemy cars and collect Coins, Gems, and other powerups so that you could confirm your best performance and high score.

Look for the Armored Trucks, because it drops coins and repair wrenches which fix your damaged car. Also, if you destroy racers with bounties and collect their portraits you will earn free gems.

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Utilities to win fast in the Road Riot

In this game, you will various types of cars, drones, and utilities which helps to survive longer and level up faster. Go to garage and drone to explore, buy and upgrade them. Though drone will be locked until you reach level 6, so you have to play repeatedly so that you can level up faster. In the garage, you will find a total of 10 cars with different facilities, buy and upgrade them if you have enough coins or use Road Riot Mod Apk with unlimited money and gems from our website.


Cars with Adroitness

  1. When you open the game for the first time you will get a Free Basic Car to drive and destroy the enemy vehicles. This car doesn’t have any specialty except Weapon, Armor, Side Weapon, and Turrets. But you have to use until you reach level 10 to unlock and buy the next car.
  2. When you reach level 10 you can buy the next Vehicle Magnet Car. It is a light armored vehicle equipped with a magnet turret.
  3. At level 20 you are going to unlock the most satisfied Vehicle Missile Car. It is a medium armored vehicle provided with missile launchers.
  4. The fourth one unlocks at level 30 which is Laser Car. It is a light armored vehicle outfitted with a laser turret.
  5. Want to unlock Blast Car, you need to reach level 40. This is a heavy armored vehicle implemented with a mega cannon.
  6. Now you come to the right way to unlock Sports Car 2 but it requires level 50. It is a medium armored vehicle furnished with forwarding cannons.
  7. Magnet Car 2 aches level 60 to unlock which is a light armored vehicle equipped with a magnet turret.
  8. Missile Car 2 requires level 70 to unlock which is Medium armored vehicle equipped with missile launchers.
  9. Laser Car 2 improved version from the first one, requires level 80 to unlock this car. This is a lightly armored vehicle equipped with a powerful laser turret.
  10. Blast Car 2 is the last one, to unlock this car you need to reach level 90. this is a heavy armored vehicle equipped with a mega cannon.

Game Experience of Road Riot for Android


If you are a pro player, you may not like this game. But I ensure you that there are some good things which you should know before going. You can play this game in three different and specific environment.

Also, there are lots of enemy car with different quality, some of the cars are explosive and some of them armored. On the long journey, there are so many obstacles in the road so be careful about this. Fight face to face with critical Tank Bosses as well as shooting cars from opposing groups.

You can dodge missiles, gunfire and traffic barricades while playing this game. If you want to high score you have to pay attention to all of this. While you finish a car you will get coins, gems, speed up, firepower, big coin, catch them all.

You can achieve and conquer about 100 missions and accomplishments in this game using 10 different and special car and drones. Paint your car to your favorite color so that you have your nice car.

Road Riot Android GamePlay

What’s included in Road Riot Mod Apk

Lots of car and drones are your best friend in this racing game to score your best. But you will be in lack of coins and gems so you definitely need mod apk and you will get the following features if you download it from here.


  • Unlimited Coins/ money,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Unlimited Keys,

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You can download this Game from Google Play Store, but for the hack/mod version you have to download from outside of Play Store. All the download links are safe to use and they are fast to download.

Download Road Riot Mod Apk with Unlimited Coins and Gems

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