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Download Idle Factory Tycoon mod apk with unlimited cash, super cash, boosts, skill points and all max level with the latest version for free for Android.

Game Name Idle Factory Tycoon: Cash Manager Empire Simulator
Version 1.96.1
Release Date 23 November 2017
Updated On 12 March 2020
Developer Kolibri Games
Supported On 4.4 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 77 MB
Category Simulation


Want to be a businessman and prove your mastermind to the world? Play Idle Factory Tycoon which gives you the ability to prove yourself. Here you can buy factories and in each factory, you can build up to 30 workstations where the workers will work all day night for you. On different factory, you can produce a different type of cool stuff like – TV, Mobile, Mp 3 player, Cake, Ice-cream and many things which makes the more interesting and attracting.

All your workstation helps you to grow your business and you collect even more idle cash. One thing you have to remember that when you stay in the game you will get 100% money and your idle income is only 10%. This thing is most addicting so you have to make a routine to play it. Otherwise, it could lose your valuable time if you are a student or worker.

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When you start the sport for the first time you will find only one factory and one workstation where 1 worker will carry some goods another 1 will produce items and the last one will carry and sell them for cash. But to work them continuously you need to tap on them every time. This problem could be solved if you hire a manager who will inspect the worker so that they work properly.

How to get Unlimited Super Cash?

There are lots of fun part available in this Idle Factory Tycoon Mod Apk with Unlimited Cash and Super Cash. Let’s see them so that you could visualize it.

  • Unlock Factories, buy workstations, build a various type of products and sell them to make money. You will get them even when you minimize or close this game. But you will get only 10% of the total ideally.
  • You can buy New workstation. Note: you will get some Super Cash on every 4 hours.
  • Buy Skill Points and factory production assistant, speed bell, sales bell, etc.
  • You will need to complete quests to unlock new workstation area. In some case, you have to buy and upgrade production before you get the quest. So look what is in the quest every time. Also, it needs some time to unlock new workstation, but you can skip this using super cash.
  • Level up workstation to increase production rate and power. Don’t forget to look at Next Big Upgrade for Huge Production.
  • Improve your resources to make more money from them. Also, you need to upgrade those resources to complete quests.
  • Collect Daily Rewards every day to get an exciting bonus and boost your business quickly.
  • Upgrade Warehouse and Market to get extra features like – Max Resources Transport, Transporters, Transport capacity, Transporter capacity, Transporter loading speed, and Transporterwalk speed.

Do you Know?

Buy chests to unlock new super Workers. Golden Chest contains guaranteed increased chance for Epics Cards and 5 rare cards and total 50 cards ( it costs 1500 super cash ). Silver Chest contains guaranteed 2 rare cards and a total of 20 silver cards ( it costs a total of 500 super cash ). Wooden Chest contains 4 cards and it costs only 100 super cash. You will get a free wooden chest in every 4 hours later.

Prestige immediately when you income much and you will get stars which will boost your income. It will restart your factory but will keep – Super Cash, Upgrades, Skill Tree, Other Factories, Trophies, and stars.

Game Experience of Idle Factory Tycoon in Android

This is one of the addicting simulation game where you have to buy and upgrade workstations and level up them. There’s nothing special hard task to complete, only seeing when you could upgrade your workstations and buy skill points.

  • Control – It has very easy controls, even if you are a beginner then you will be learned all the basic when you start the match for the first time.
  • Graphics – This is an HD graphics sport where you will see your factories, managers, and workers in 2D mode but this 2D sport will satisfy you.
  • Sound – It hasn’t any special sound which makes it different from other popular amusement. The existing sound and music are quite good when you hear it using headphone.
  • Stages – You will find a total of 6 factory – General Factory, Transport Factory, Toy factory, Sports factory, Music Factory, and Furniture factory on the map. You will see 1 event factory where you can access a different factory for a limited time and get some fresh super cash for free.

It is comfortable for both low-end and high-end devices. It doesn’t lag on low storage android mobile and it doesn’t require much RAM to play. Even if you have less than 521MB RAM you can play it without any tension.

Mod Features

To get the full fun of this game there is no alternate of modified apk. Here are the features of mod apk.

  • Infinite Cash,
  • Unlimited Super Cash,
  • Endless Skill Points
  • Unlimited Boosts,
  • All stages unlocked,
  • Max level,

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Download Idle Factory Tycoon Mod Apk 1.96.1 Unlimited Money and Super Cash 2020