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Download Ground Driller Mod Apk Latest version with unlimited money and gems. Dig and go in the deepest part of the earth to find the rarest items.

Game Name Ground Driller Mod Apk
Version 1.2.5
Release Date 21 January 2019
Updated On 27 November 2019
Developer mobirix
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 50 MB
Category Simulation


After a long time for Android gamers, Mobirix brought you a mining game Ground Driller. This is an idle sport which could be played, digging, and mining is automatically. You need to upgrade and hire a manager. Download it from Droid Signal to get unlimited money and gems.

Drill and get – Coal, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chrome, Aluminum, Nickel, Graphite, Manganese, Lead, Limestone, Uranium, Lithium, Crystal, Jade, Silver, Gold, Emerald, and Ruby. The more strong miner and power you have the most chance of getting off this element quickly.

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Tips to get Much money

Wanna get more money and gems quickly? Then follow these simple steps to get infinite Money and Gems.

  • Miner – Get idle money. Buy and Upgrade you miner, the higher they are the best you will get.
  • Dig Power – Purchase and Upgrade Dig power.
  • Don’t Sell – Do not sell any item you got from Miner. It will need to upgrade Dig power and Mineral Lab.
  • Boost – After a few minutes, every time you will get a free boost. Use it, it will do a great impact on money and gems.
  • Complete Missions – For each mission, you will get much cash and diamonds. Collect it and buy special miners.
  • Mineral Lab – Here you can do – Ore Refinery research, Mining Research, and Special Research. Do it and get improved items.
  • Storage – If you are out of storage, then increase storage capacity.

Special Research

What is special research? It contains the most beneficial parts, need gems to buy it. Let’s see it.

  • Decrease Bad News Duration,
  • Increase Good News Duration,
  • Reduce Special Layer dig time,
  • Raise Coin from a treasure chest,
  • Increase minerals gained through breaking boulders,
  • Moderate fishing wait time,
  • Improve Offline progress,

What’s included in Ground Driller Mod Apk

In Ground Driller Mod Apk there are unlimited money and gems. But to get them you need to spend them. It’s caused, if you get unlimited everything there is no fun. So, whenever you spend them, you get the same cash.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,

Note: If you are out of money then increase Storage Capacity. And if you are out of gems, then buy miners and do special research in Miner Lab.

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Download Ground Driller Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold