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Download Factory Inc Mod Apk with Unlimited money and gems for Android. Hire a manager, Upgrade your machine and make various products in this game.

Game Name Factory Inc. Mod Apk
Version 2.3.43
Release Date 4 January 2019
Updated On 25 June 2020
Developer menghuangu inc
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 65 MB
Category Simulation


After a long journey to work in other factories, at last, you are release now. It’s time to start your own, so developer Cheetah Games brings Factory Inc. an addictive game where you are going to manage your factory on your own or even you could hire a manager. For Mod Apk DroidSignal is the best place.

If you are thinking What to do? Then know you are going to become the boss of the factory that can make anything. You have to upgrade your machines and make various products. Don’t forget to hire a manager to automate the factory earnings. Expand your business over time, sell your old factory when you reached 150 level and make more money from the new firm.

Isn’t it good? When you start it you will know more details about it which is really a fun game. There are lots of challenges to accept and prove your tap skill. It’s the perfect time to go for a new opportunity.

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How to Get Unlimited Money and Gems?

If you are a noob player then you may don’t have proper guidance, So why I am giving you a proper guideline to follow to get unlimited money and gems legally.

Hire a manager for your Factory

It’s really important to hire a manager to Automate the process of income in this Factory Inc Apk Mod. When you play the game for the first time you have to maintain the full factory on your own. But when you buy and hire a manager then it will automatically manage all your machine and reinforce the durability of your machine.

It costs only 50 Gems to buy a manager. The more manager you buy the higher chance of getting a powerful, and speedy handler you will get.

Open Boxes

In general, you can buy and open Boxes to get EXP, and some engineering Parts for your machine. It helps you to get a more powerful engine which increases your machine Power, Speed, Range, and Duration. There is 5 type of boxes available to open – General Box, Advanced Box, Super Box, and Legendary Box. All box contains Machine, EXP, and Parts. The higher box you open the more chance to get Super and Legendary Machine.

Complete Challenge

After reaching a minimum level you can access to the challenge. It’s really important to attend a hurdle. In it, you have to reach a total figure with limited time. If you complete a challenge then you will get success reward like – Gems, Gold Medal, and all your money.

Sell the Factory and Grow Faster

Selling the Factory is the biggest strategy to grow faster in this game. But there is a limitation to do this. You have to upgrade Factory to a specified Level each time. If you have reached that level then go to Bank and click on For Sale That’s all.

After selling a Factory you will get increased Current Credit, Money Bonus, and Start Fund. Even if the factory is sold the manager hired and machines remain the same. So this is the ultimate step to get infinite money from the game.

What’s included in Factory Inc Mod Apk

Factory Inc. Apk Mod is the trending Idle Simulation game released in 2019. You will definitely love it. In the hack version, you will get the following extras.

  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Some Machine Unlocked,
  • Infinite Tools and Boosts,

Note: In this mod you will get little money. To get ulimited money, go to challange mode and play for 30 seconds.

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Download Factory Inc Apk 2.3.43 Mod Unlimited Gems