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Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk All Cars Unlocked, unlimited money, and no ads. Drive in the city, airport, offroad and complete missions.

Game Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk
Version 5.3.2p2
Released On 15 July 2015
Updated On 5 March 2021
Developer AxesInMotion Racing
Supported On 4.1 and up
Mode Offline
Size 69 MB
Category Racing


Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best offline lightweight Racing game for android where you are able to play with the exciting sports car. Drive, drift and explore the entire city. Be the furious racer on a whole city where there is no traffic and also no opponents to chess.

Do illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you. So why so late? Burn the asphalt of this open world city. You will get all cars unlocked in mod apk provided by Droid Signal to get full enjoyment. 

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Drive Mode on the game

There is 3 mode available to play. When you start driving, you will see the drive option. Click on the Drive and there will come three option – Free Mode, Checkpoint Mode, and Traffic Mode. Let’s explore all of them below.

– Free Mode

When you enter in the free mode you will be taken to a car in a city where you can drive freely all ove the city. But there won’t be any opponent or police chase. Only you have to drive without any mission.

You can enter a mission by going to a light blue color glowing circle. Here you will see Radar, After clicking on play icon you will be taken to a new stage where you will get a painted car and the mission is – Cross through the speed cameras as fast as you can. If you don’t want to play just click on a cross icon ( back ) to get back where you come from. There is Radar 1,2,3,4 explore all of them and chose which one you love.

Also there are Trial Race where you have to – Reach the finish line as fast as you can. When you start the game you will be taken to a selected stage where time will be counted and you have to reach the finish line quickly to make a high score. If you fail to reach a point you will be taken to the previous point and time will be increased so play carefully.

– Checkpoint Mode

In this mode, you will be directly moving to a stage where a green point will glow and you have to go near it. And if you reach the point a new point will appear again and it will continuously appearing. There have a chance to get your cars flip down and to go to a normal position just click on icon right side of setting icon.

– Traffic Mode

In Traffic Mode you will see some car is commuting in the city. If you have played free mode or checkpoint mode you won’t see any traffic. To see some car commuting in the city you have to enter this traffic mode. You can also enter the same mission like radar or trail race like free mode from this mode.

Discover All the cars in Garage

There are various cars available in the garage to drive. All of them are selected from high-end real car. The first one is free to use and looks like smart and new quality. To unlock all vehicle drive or collect footprint from the stage. And for premium vehicles download the hack apk.

Game Experience in Android

Overall all the performance and experience is good but some major thing you should know before playing it.

  • Control – The control is not enough good and perfect. When you start racing for the first time you will face a control problem. But after some time you will understand how to control. If you are a fan of the modern game like Asphalt 9 you will not satisfied with the control.
  • Graphics – The graphics are quite good enough. The quality of the car is good but the graphics of the off-road is not so good but if you have played other normal racing sport then you will be satisfied with graphics, you will like overall.
  • Sound – Background music and car speed and drifting sound are not so good and dynamic, it is pre-programmed. Personally, I play it turning off sound because it doesn’t satisfy me.
  • Stages – There are only three stages to play. You can’t play on a challenge or multiplayer mode. On the new update, you can play on the Airport and Offroad which will make a little more fun.

Since it is designed for the low-quality device which doesn’t support a modern high-end game. I recommend it to play because it doesn’t require much RAM or Storage to play. If you have less than 521MB RAM then it is for you.


See Android Mobile GamePlay from YouTube

What’s included in Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk

In the mod file you will get all the following items –


  • No Ads,
  • Unlimited money.
  • All cars unlocked,

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