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Free Download Crowd City Mod Apk with Infinite Time and All Costume Unlocked. Gather people across the city and become the biggest crowd in town.

Game Name Crowd City Mod Apk
Version 1.3.0
Release Date 19 February 2019
Updated On 24 June 2019
Developer VOODOO
Supported On 4.4 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 84 MB
Category Arcade


Become the Gangster in the Crowd City, a dynamic action arcade Game. Choose your costume and rule over the town. Make people member of your gang, kill others gang and take their people to your group and become no. 1 and rule Crowd City.

This is the ultimate fun, try this newly released game for Android with 3D graphics. You may not find any sound in it, but it still enjoyable for you. The rules are so easy to get full 20 stars from a mission.

How to play?

  • At first, choose a skin for your gang,
  • Rename the Pseudo,
  • Click on the Play button,
  • Now look for the white people,
  • Then find lower people gang ( In one match you will find 9 opponents ),
  • Takedown lower gang by going near them,
  • Be safe from no.1 ( if you are no. 1 then you are safe from everyone ),
  • Survive for 2 minutes,
  • If you become no.1 you will get 20 stars.
  • If you died you will only get 1 star.

How to unlock Costumes?

To unlock costumes you have to complete missions. For 1 skin, you will have to complete 1 mission. You will find it in the skin section. If you complete multiple mission then you will unlock various Costumes.

What’s included in Crowd City Mod Apk

To get all costumes you have to download Crowd City Mod Apk. Also, you will get some extra benefits in the modified version.


  • Infinite Time,
  • All Costume Unlocked,
  • No Ads,

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Download Crowd City Mod Apk with Infinite Time

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