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Free Download Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure Mod Apk with Unlimited Money, Crystals, Gems, and Boosters to become the richest person.

Game Name Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure Apk
Release Date 26 October 2017
Updated On 23 September 2020
Developer Lion Studios
Supported On 4.4 and up
Game Mode Online
Game Size 79 MB
Category Simulation


Build a money machine to become the richest person in this most popular idle clicker game Cash Inc. Start your adventure through this qualified simulation sport for Android modded by Droid Signal with unlimited money and gems.

Start your business at the Comic Store for free to generate money, buy more market to boost your revenue. Tap to open our business, le’s earn comes to cash. Reach milestone, it will multiply your revenue substantially.

Normally if you are a new opener then you need to tap manually, after buying some store you could hire a manager to automatically collect money from them. If you want to save your progress you need to install Google Play Games.

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Tips and Cheats to get Unlimited Money and Crystal

Like other tycoon and idle clicker contest, you will need to know some tips and cheats to jump into the pro level. You will get unlimited money and all business unlock within an hour. Let’s start following some simple instruction.


  • Buy Business – Don’t stack on your first shop, buy more of them to get more from them.
  • Upgrade Business – Upgrade is the best way to increase your profit
  • Hire Manager – There are two types of manager to hire, one of them increase profit and others automatically collect money from your individual shop. Also, there are some Vip and Fame manager available to buy after you reach qualified money.
  • Look for flying UFO, Cow, Paper Plane, and Golden Pig – While you are enjoying the game, you will see flying UFO, Cow, Paper Plane, and Golden Pig, Tap on them to collect some instant cash.
  • Spin – Spin N’ Win, Win time jumps, crystals and even gold tickets.
  • Rise to Fame – Prestige is the only way for you to get Fame points. Win people’s respect and awe by getting rid of all you have. Start all over again from the beginning and be the business legend. Check the Fame tab in the Upgrades menu and see if there’s anything you like.
  • Check Inbox – Sometime you will get a boost, and instant cash here, so check inbox while it notifies you.
  • Connect Facebook – Go to statistic, click on The Rich List, and connect with Facebook to get 100 Crystal free. You will also see the top rich list from the global leaderboard.
  • Treasure hunt – You have 6 moves, tap to dig out chest pieces, Collect 4 Chest pieces to get one treasure chest. You will get 1 chance every 4 hours.
  • Open Chest – There are two different chests, Deluxe Chest, and Free Chest. Deluxe chest cost 200 crystal, and free chest requires 4 hours to open.
  • Use Boosters – Boosters help you jump 1 day to 30 days and also a permanent multiplier. Use some crystal to buy boosters.

What’s included in Cash Inc Mod Apk

Let’s enjoy the following mod in Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game & Business Adventure.


  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Crystal,
  • Unlimited Gold Tickets,
  • Endless Boosters,

Download Cash Inc Mod Apk with Unlimited Gems and Money

Note: Money Increases on Spend.