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Free Download Bee Factory Mod Apk Latest Version with Unlimited Money. This is the best simulation game where you have to manage your Bee Hives.

Game Name Bee Factory Apk
Version 1.26.4
Released On 18 September 2018
Updated On 18 March
Supported On 5.0 and up
Developer Green Panda Games
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 33 MB
Category Simulation


Bee Factory developed by Green Panda Games is an excellent tap tap games where you have to manage bee and produce honey from them to make Idle Money. There are no hard and fast rules, you have to just tap on a Bee, slide the production machine to move them faster and upgrade them to get more from them.

Unlock more than 100 + Super fun Bee with a different name ( Such as – Robot Bee, Bumble Bee, Drone Bee, Scarabee, Zombee, Taxi Bee, Marbeeo, Butterfly Bee, Ghost Bee, Chick Bee, R2-Bee2, Fly Bee, Hellbee, Babee, DragonBee etc.  )  and skins in Bee Factory. If you have upgraded any stage to max level you can Reset them to get Double Stage Production + get a 2% overall profit bonus.

Level Up by collecting Honey and Money and get Level Up Bonus. After every 5 levels, you will unlock a new stage where you will get more powerful bees to hive and produce more money.

Use Magic Hive to increase hives speed and production line speed for 3 minutes. Catch rare Golden Bee to get extra bonus money. This feature is absolutely free to use and you don’t have to purchase anything.


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Tips and Tricks to Unlock a new level Faster

  • Tap on a Bee to move them faster, do it for your new and most profitable colony.
  • Upgrade your Stage will give you +1 Cell, +5% Speed and + Honey Production.
  • Upgrade your Production Line will give you + Honey Profit, +1% Speed, + Capacity.
  • Check on Level Up Bar and click on it when it changes the color to go to the next level, if you don’t click on it you can’t unlock a new stage.
  • Unlock a new hive with more powerful and rare bees.
  • Use Magic Hive which gives double speed for 3 minutes, and
  • Reset and stage to double your stage production.

What’s included in Bee Factory Mod Apk

This is an easy processed where you don’t need any hacked apk to pass a level. It is a fun game where you have to tap on Bees and slide on Production to move them faster and income quickly. But if you complete Bee factory sooner then you may try mod apk which have the following features.


  1. Unlimited Money,
  2. Increased Money even when you Upgrade or Unlock a new Stage.

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Download Bee Factory Mod Apk with Unlimited Money

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