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Download Beat The Boss 3 Mod apk game with unlimited coins/money and diamonds for Android. Aim to the boss to shoot the boss with your various type of weapon.

App Name Beat the Boss 3 Mod Apk
Version 2.0.1
Released On 10 December 2013
Updated On 14 March 2017
Developer Game Hive Corporation
Supported On 2.3 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 58 MB
Category Action


Are you satisfied to work with your boss in your office? If not, and want to take revenge but didn’t get any chance then try to play Beat the Boss 3 Android game where your main task is beating the boss with hand, teacup and many cool things. With some awesome graphics and sound effect, this game will change your mode and release your stress There are lots of features available in this game and let’s see them.

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Dashing Bosses

You can customize your boss from the option and buy a new one spending some coins or diamonds. You can change head, hair, mouth and much more which will change the action for every custom boss. Don’t worry about money and diamond I will serve you mod apk where you will get unlimited everything to buy custom boss.

Cool Weapons

When you start the game for the first time you will get a hand to slap on your boss. After some time when you gather some money, you will be able to buy a new type of weapon to beat the boss. There are 5 types of weapon available in this game.

No.1 – In number 1 you will get – Slapping Glove, Bow and arrow, Cup of Joe, Squeaky Hammer, Fireworks, Desert, Poker Card, Popcorn, Rotten Food, Exotic Fruit, Flying Bird, Spicy Sauce, Fire Extinguisher, Sharpy, Tooth Pick, Nail Gun, Cigar, Fart, Pinata, Toy Soldiers. You can buy them by your coins and for some of them you need to spend diamonds to reassemble.

No.2 – In number 2 you will get shooting weapon – AUG, AK74U, P90, AK47, USP, M14, Desert Eagle, MP5, ACR, Dragunov SVD, F2000, AA12, FAMAS, M16A2, Tommy, G36, SCAR, HK417, M249, M16A1, SPAS12, MrA1 SOPMOD, Luger, Uzi, XM8, Walther P38 and M1911. To buy them you need coins and to reassemble some weapons you need Diamonds.

No.3 – In number 3 you will get explosive – Potato Launcher, Molotov, Time Bomb, Flame Thrower, Shock Grenade, Snowball Gun, Taser, Grenade, C4, Bazooka, Flare Gun, Sticky Bomb, Dynamite, FistMissile, Glowing Disc, Homing Missile, Zombie Rats, Rocket, Landmine, Nuclear, Tesla Tower, Steampunk Gun, Javelin Launcher, Gas Grenade, Flash Bang and Slow Missile. To buy them you need to spend your money and diamonds.

No.4 – In number 4 you will get – Shovel, Wooden Crate, Slingshot, Whip, Sai, Pixel Axe, Knight Lance, Energy Sword, Wrecking Ball, Samurai Sword, Buzz Bow, Tennis Racket, Spiky Glove, Spiked Bat, Spinning Blade, Brander, Ninja Star, Spear, Barrel Hammer and Nunchuk to beat the boss. Buy your favorite one to use it.

No.5 – In number 5 you will get – Blow Fish, Dancing Cactus, Jack in the Box, Attack Drone, Force Lightning, Mummy, Sardine Gun, Thunder Strike, Virus, Carbs, Suicide Plane, Meteor, Snake, Zombie Head, Hamster, Earthquake, Squid, Dragon, Sandworm, Mosquito, and Telekinesis.

All those weapons are too costly to buy through money. So you need Beat The Boss 3 Mod Apk where you will get unlimited money and diamonds for free to buy this weapon.


On the updated version of this game, you can play on 7 different stages. The first one is free and for the next 6 stages, you need to spend some of your coins. Don’t panic about money or diamonds because in the mod apk you will get all stages unlocked. The seven stages are – Boss Office, Tibet Mountain, Australian Ocean, Russian Winter, Roman Colosseum, American Metropolis, and Japanese Temple.

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Game Experience of Beat The Boss 3 in Android

This is totally 3D Game and HD Graphics included. Personally, I liked the game but one thing which made me boring is Boss sound which seems like ‘blah blah blah’. So I Turned off the Boss Sound from setting. Also, you can turn off the boss quote from options.

  • Control – In this game, the control is super easy. You have to aim to the boss to slap, fire or attack with lots of weapons. Also, there is some weapon by which you have to click near the boss to attack him.
  • Graphics – This is a 3D game where you are attacking the boss with your weapon.
  • Sound – Background music is awesome but the sound of the boss is not so impressive. So I used to turn off boss sound from options. And the sound of the weapons is also good.
  • Stages – There are a total of 7 stages and the first one is free. For the other 6 stages, you have to spend coins to unlock them. In beat the boss 3 mod apk you will get unlimited money and diamond to spend them on unlocking stages and buying new weapons.

This game is suitable for High-End and Low-End Android devices. It doesn’t require too much RAM and Storage. So you will get full performance on both types of mobile.

Beat The Boss 3 Android GamePlay

What’s included in Beat The Boss 3 Mod Apk

You will get the following features in the mod apk version –


  1. Unlimited Money or coins,
  2. Unlimited Diamonds/ Gems,
  3. All Weapon Unlocked,
  4. All level Unlocked,
  5. No Ads,
  6. Offline Mode,

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You can download this Game from Google Play Store, but for the mod version you have to download from outside of Play Store. All the download links are safe to use and they are fast to download.

Download Beat The Boss 3 Mod Apk Unlimited Money

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