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Free Download Anger Of Stick 5 Mod Apk with Unlimited Gems, Gold, Health, Ammo, Hulk and Robot unlocked for Android and start your first battle.

Game Name Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie Mod Apk
Version 1.1.16
Released On 8 June 1016
Updated On 30 July 2020
Developer J-Perk
Supported On 4.1 and up
Mode Offline
Size 33 MB
Category Action


With awesome graphics, Blue GNC Ltd. has brought the fourth version of Anger Of Stick where you have to fight with another bad stickman using different kinds of weapon. You have to survive in the city which turned into ruins. To make your journey easier you should download Mod Apk from Droid Signal where you will get unlimited ammo and money for free.

If you have played Anger of Stick 4 then you probably know the gameplay, it has moved online to offline in this new version. In this game you will find a strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have been using innocent people as experimental tools. Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and his friends should save the people and remove the enemies.

Go and punish those stupid zombies with powerful weapons, there are a varity of them. But don’t worry about money and gems, in mod apk you will get unlimited gold and gems. Don’t forget you are the one and only hero who can save them, so don’t waste your time anymore.

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Buy Weapons and Kill Zombies

If you want to win 3 stars from every level then you just need to buy some powerful weapon from the store. There is a different kind of weapon available to buy, choose them wisely from the list.

  • Life – By default, you will get 2 life and 1000 HP, you can upgrade it using 480 Gems,
  • Skill – You will get 3 skill, you can get extra by upgrading it using 240 gems,
  • AGR-170 – Dagame: 252, Speed: 920m/s, Bullet:0/80, Reload Time: 4sec, Price: 8,000 Gold,
  • Glock-18 – Damage: 216, Speed: 1058m/s, Bullet: 0/140, Reload Time: 0.5sec, Price: 15,000 Gold,
  • Tavor – Damage: 234, Speed: 1012m/s, Bullet: 0/110, Reload Time: 1sec, Price: 12,000 Gold,
  • Grenade Launcher – Damage: 630, Speed: 782m/s, Bullet: 0/80, Reload Time: 3sec, Price: 75,000 Gold,
  • Shotgun – Damage: 540, Speed: 874m/s, Bullet: 0/60, Reload Time: 4sec, Price: 65,000 Gold,
  • M-16 – Damage: 270, Speed: 1058m/s, Bullet: 0/150, Reload Time: 1sec, Price: 18,000 Gold,
  • Flame Shot – Damage: 234, Speed: 460m/s, Bullet: 0/160, Reload Time: 3sec, Price: 30,000 Gold,
  • Laser Gun – Damage: 432, Speed: 690m/s, Bullet: 0/140, Reload Time: 2sec, Price: 50,000 Gold,
  • Microgun – Damage: 540, Speed: 1104m/s, Bullet: 0/180, Reload Time: 0.5sec, Price: 65,000 Gold,
  • CSR-776 – Damage 306, Speed: 1012m/s, Bullet: 0/160, Reload Time: 0.5sec, Price: 55,000 Gold.

There are more weapon – Granade, Steel Pipe, Sword, Hatchet, etc which is not so valuable and if you are a beginner then you can afford to buy them quickly. If you have enough money then buy 1 friend or 1 Robot which will help you a lot when you are in danger.

Battle Mode

There is two game mode available in Anger of Stick 5: Zombie, in the first one you have to fight with bad stickman and in the other, battle with Zombie which is definitely more fun.

Single – In single mode, you will find 10 stages to start. Fight against Bot player, break table, chairs, dustbin, desk and collect money and gems. If you want to get 3 stars you have to kill specified villain before time, and save Survivor.

Zombie – In zombie mode there are 3 options to play, Jump jump, Zombie, and Defense. In Jump jump, you have to fight against bot and jump before the line across your screen. In Zombie you have to fight with stupid zombies. And in Defense, you will get 3 stages to select, You must defend your flag, don’t forget yo have a machine gun with unlimited ammo use them when you are in danger.

What’s included in Anger Of Stick 5 Mod Apk

In Anger of Stick 5: Zombie you will meet with zombies who are more powerful than before, so you just need a powerful weapon. If you don’t want to buy them then simply use mod apk where you will get the following things unlocked.


  • Unlimited Gold/money,
  • Unlimited Gems/Ruby,
  • Unlocked Robot,
  • Infinite Ammo,
  • Endless Health,
  • Free transformed to Hulk.

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Download Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie Mod 1.1.16 Apk Unlimited Gold and Gems