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Download Bid Wars – Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon Mod Apk with unlimited gold, money, and energy latest version for Android and be the bid winner easily in any city.

App Name Bid Wars – Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon Mod Apk
Version 2.13.5
Developer Tapps Games
Supported On 4.1 and up
Updated March 6, 2019
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 93 MB
Category Strategy


I know, in real life bidding is a bad habit and could lose your entire money. But in this Bid Wars – Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon you are going to bid in a game where you are not going to invest your real money, or you don’t have to do it. So bidding is not always bad enough if you just only play for some time.

Before playing this game you have to keep in mind that bid only in a sport only, not in real life, this advice will help you a much if you are wise enough.

Are you ready to settle thousands of bucks in your race to be a prosperous bidder, the star of the auction? Create your own federation out of pawn shops and become a millionaire!

This is a self-storage facility. People rent this place to store their possessions. But if they forget to pay the rent, their abandoned items are auctioned off. That’s where we, the auction hunters, come in. Whoever wins the bid wars gets to resell all of the items for profit. You can make a living out of this.

The greatest risks always lead to the biggest payoffs, but only a few bold enough will become a storage gambling tycoon! Venture into the high-stakes world of garage auctions.

You can run your own pawn shop and develop your reputation as the cleverest and expeditious bidder after you reach level 8. Use your artifice to maximize your value with the smallest bid, though it is not easy for all time. Can you take the risk and become the biggest winner in this game? Always be conscious of the cutest girl’s voice – ” Going once, going twice… Sold ” to be the very first one that gets rich in this bet simulator game.

Always Remember Before Playing

Don’ be crazy to win an auction, always use your gadget and carefully inspect the elements to ensure that there have valuable elements worth money.  Enjoy the bidding battles of one of the best idle money games. Bet at the bid wars and let the dollars rain on you!

Think ahead of the other bidders and gamblers, because all other players are different from each other. Jack always bid for winning, not for gaining money. Matt is ready to make a lot of big bucks and Troy is not a rookie.

Manage your cash, design your plan for the bidding games and buy and sell your treasures! Only the smartest player will turn into a famous tycoon or billionaire through bid and auction!

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Bid Wars Cheat to gain Unlimited Money

When you enter a stage you have to inspect elements by clicking on an item. Clicking on an item will show you the value of them. Also, you have to see the size of the box, because to gain some profit you have to always find some rare item. There Daily Auction and Weekly Auction where you can find some rare items to get ensured money.

To enter a facility you have to spend 7 energy, if you haven’t enough you have to wait until you have enough energy. You can buy energy using gold, don’t worry about this because in Bid Wars Mod Apk you will get unlimited gold, money, and energy so that you don’t stop while bidding. Also, buy those extra utilities to get extra benefits.

Appraisal Pack – Shows you the total value of the current unit with precision.

X-Ray Pack – It allows you to see through objects and inside boxes.

Kick out Pack – Prevents an opponent from bidding the current unit.

Game Characters Aand Millionaire Simulator Highlights

OUTBID your opponents in this exciting storage auction game with your unique gambling strategy. Time is money, you only have a few seconds to take your choice: use your intuition and be quicker than your rivals! Invest wisely your bucks and become the ultimate auction tycoon winner.

COLLECT hundreds of items from various repositories or a case. You can get everything from old basketball to rare antiques and even alien artifacts that will reach you to your goal to go to the next level. Sell them at your pawn store and get money to keep up the bidding war to be continued.

PROFIT from your prosperous opportunities and get drawn to the most exclusive auctions of lots in several cities. Earn money after your victory and earn gold after you leveling up at this storage wars game. Don’t forget there is a huge chance of losing your money for your quick and foolish decision.

Deal and Become a Bid Winner

BECOME the wealthiest tycoon and dispute legendary adventurers to show them no one can beat you in an auction. Fight your antagonists in wild container wars and win the most profitable warehouse.

DEAL with opponents in this bet simulator. Get a bargain or maybe a loss in your race to become a millionaire while battling against other traders and pickers.

SHOCK the barker with your bids and bets. Set your profit strategy in this simulation and buy the best storage. Bet with your friends who will be the king of the auctions and tycoon.

BID in the auction and push the other buyers to the limit! Act like a real classy financier and show no sympathy with the support of the billionaire gamblers!

Game Experience of Bid Wars Game in Android

This is another picture based game where you have to bid for general, no value and rare items. A good decision will increase your profit.

  • Control – This game is super easy to control over every action. When you entered an auction you will press on bid or pass for bidding or passing a garage. You can use some special items to show the total value, see-through objects and kick the opponent.
  • Graphics – Though this is a picture based game, this game is popular for gambler lover who likes tap tap game. Try this game once to know the excellence of this entertainment.
  • Sound – Do you want to hear from the most charming girl, play this game then you will able to hear her. Music and sound are just awesome which will attract you to play this game.
  • Stages – There are many different cities where you can bid and win a valuable item. Enjoy unlimited stages and be the winner in Bid Wars among the top players.

This game is satisfying for both low-end and high-end devices. It doesn’t delay on low storage android mobile and it doesn’t need much RAM to play. Even if you have less than 521MB RAM you can pretend this game without any strain.

Bid Wars -Storage Auction and Pawn Shop Tycoon Android GamePlay

What’s included in Bid Wars Mod Apk

You can play and win this game without mod apk except for energy. Because, to enter an auction you need 7 energy and the game gives you limited energy, so without this modified apk you can’t get full fun of this game.


  • Unlimited Money,
  • Unlimited Gold,
  • Unlimited Energy,

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You can download this Game from Google Play Store, but for the hack/mod version you have to download from outside of Play Store. All the download links are safe to use and they are fast to download.

Download  Bid Wars – Storage Auction Mod Apk Unlimited Gold and Money

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