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Magic: ManaStrike Mod Apk 1.2.0 Unlimited Money/Gems

Magic: ManaStrike Mod Apk 1.2.0 Unlimited Money/Gems

Download Magic: ManaStrike Mod Apk with unlimited money and gems. Start your fast-paced real-time strategy game in your Android.
Game Name Magic: ManaStrike Apk
Version 1.2.0
Released On 22 January 2020
Updated On 29 January 2020
Developer Netmarble
Supported On 4.1 and Up
Mode Online
Size 101 MB
Category Strategy

Info of Magic: ManaStrike Game for Android

Magic: The Gathering meets a fast-paced, real-time strategy game! Forge your own strategy in Magic: ManaStrike today!

Magic: ManaStrike is a new battle strategy game within the vast universe of Magic: The Gathering.

Choose your color, customize units and spells, and prove your strategic mastery to the world.

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Key Features

  1. Enjoy real-time battles with anyone from around the world within 3 minutes in Magic: ManaStrike.
  2. Summon units, cast spells, and command powerful Planeswalkers with simple tap and drag gameplay.
  3. The Magic: The Gathering universe has 5 unique colors of Mana. (White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green)
  4. Understanding each color’s traits and creating your own unique strategies is the key to victory.
  5. Powerful spells to turn the tide! Massive units to pressure your opponent! Create your very own deck today.
  6. Planeswalkers are unique heroes that represent their respective colors of Mana.
  7. Each Planeswalker has a unique ability which gives them the power to turn the tide of battle.
  8. Strengthen your preferred Planeswalker and claim victory.
  9. Magic: ManaStrike has a wide array of rewards and benefits for all players.
  10. Seasonal ranked play! Limited rewards for each Season are available through the Magic Pass.

Mod Features

Magic ManaStrike is a strategic game for Android. All you have to do is, take your player to the action and win every match. If you failed to do it, buy utility from the store. Else you haven’t enough diamonds then use the modded apk with the following things unlocked.

  • Infinite Money/Coins,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Free Shopping.

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Download Magic: ManaStrike Mod Apk 1.2.0 Unlimited Money and Gems

Epic Race 3D Mod Apk 1.1.0 Unlimited Money

Epic Race 3D Mod Apk 1.1.0 Unlimited Money

Download Epic Race 3D Mod Apk with unlimited money, All Costumes, and Emotes. With 50% luck, 70% skill, and 30% will win every race left behind other competitors.
Game Name Epic Race 3D​ Apk
Release Date 27 January 2020
Updated On 27 January 2020
Developer Good Job Games
Supported On 5.0 and up
Mode Offline
Size 89 MB
Category Racing


Info of Epic Race 3D Apk Game for Android

From the developer Good Job Games, it keeps the sequel Run Race 3d and Fun Race 3d. Now the 3d part Epic Race 3d Mod Apk comes with run, fun, and epic exciting. To win a race you are gonna need a combination of luck, skill and will to win.

Compete other bots and get the real parkour experience you got from Vector Mod Apk in 2012. It’s a unique level, traps, and your competitors are now even better and 2020’s best running game.

Key Features

  1. Wear your favorite costume and continue your epic race,
  2. Touch and hold to run and release to stop running,
  3. Watchout for trap or you will fall behind from other players,
  4. As you run, you have to compete 2 or 3 players to win,
  5. Full 3d graphics, optimized for high and low end devices,
  6. Equeep your emote and show others after winning a race.

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Mod Features

If you want some extra costumes or emotes to make your running experience with a lot more exciting then you may try this modded apk with the following things.

  1. No Ads,
  2. Unlimited Money/Coins,
  3. All Costumes, Emotes unlocked.

Download Epic Race 3D Mod Apk 1.1.4 Unlimited Money 2020

G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Gold/Gems

G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Gold/Gems

Download G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Mod Apk with unlimited Gems, Ruby, and Coins. Build, upgrade, and defend your base with full power and destroy enemy bases.

Game Name G.I. Joe: War On Cobra
Version 1.1.1
Released On 10 January 2020
Updated On 8 February 2020
Developer D3 Go!
Supported On 5.0 and Up
Mode Online
Size 102 MB
Category Strategy

Info of G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Game for Android

Choose a side and battle in G.I. Joe: War on Cobra! Build, upgrade, and defend your base in this high action, competitive multiplayer strategy game, featuring your favorite G.I. Joe Heroes and Cobra Villains!

The War on Cobra wages on…where does your allegiance lie? Clash with or against iconic characters like Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, Storm Shadow, Baroness, and more! Deploy or demolish Units like H.I.S.S., Mamba, Vamp, and M.O.B.A.T. The future of Earth is at stake, will you save it or conquer it?

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Collect Heroes, Villains, Troops, And Vehicles

Collect cards and customize your deck to upgrade your Heroes, Troops, Commands, and Vehicles. Open Cargo Shipments loaded with essential units and resources. Move your way through the tiers to unlock enhanced characters, weapons, and more!

Compete in PvP events to attack and defend

Battle against players from around the globe in Events and Alliance Wars for oil, minerals, intel, and PVP Ranking. Deploy Units in the battle to attack enemy bases and raid their resources. Vehicles can hold extra heroes to bring them to the front lines and can unlock special weapons and extra guns! Work your way up the ranks for the best rewards!

Build, Upgrade, and Customize your base

Produce resources to increase base protection and participate in epic battles! Upgrade your base to defend your resources from enemy troops determined to liberate them for their own use! Gain access to new and advanced defenses as you customize and level-up your Headquarters.

Top Strategy Game of 2020

G.I. Joe is quite a similar but improved version of Clash of Clans game. Let see what is integrated to this sport.

  1. Collect Hero, Troop, Command, and Vehicle cards and customize your deck to attack enemies or defend your base
  2. Compete with other players in PVP Events and work your way up the ranks!
  3. Equip your Squad and defend from land, sea, or air with special defenses such as Turrets, Sea Mines, and Troop Depots, for the ultimate victory!
  4. Choose a side! G.I. Joe and Cobra factions have unique Units and Buildings and play differently for a truly substantial gaming experience!
  5. Complete an ever-changing array of Missions to earn additional resources and special rewards for your troops!

Mod Features

Choose your side and fight in this latest strategy game. If you are out of resources I suggest you use the modified version with the following things unlocked.

  • Infinite Money/Gold,
  • Unlimited Gems,
  • Endless Ruby.

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Download G.I. Joe: War On Cobra Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Gems and Money 2020

Warface: Global Operations Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Gold

Warface: Global Operations Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Gold

Download Warface: Global Operations Mod Apk with unlimited money, gold, and all weapons unlocked. Grab your guns and join the epic fast-paced combat royale battle.
Game Name Warface: Global Operations – PVP Action Shooter
Version 1.1.1
Released On 14 January 2020
Updated On 12 February 2020
Developer B.V.
Supported On 7.0
Mode Online
Size 84 MB
Category Action

Info of Warface: Global Operations – PVP Action Shooter Game for Android

After playing world-famous Garena Free Fire and PUBG, you may think why new battle royale PvP game? But I assure you it is not garbage like thousands of similar games. It has well optimized, and PC quality graphics. This is for them who wants different map, hero, and gun and bored playing Free Fire.

Warface: Global Operations – PVP Action Shooter is 2020’s newly released multiplayer game. Inspired by original Warface, this sport was built to deliver the best shooter experience on Android Mobile.

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Key Features

Because of, many features, maps, weapons, players, and other things it is different from other battle royale games. Let’s check the quality of this game.

  1. Easy to Learn: You can easily control the player, kill enemies, defend yourself. Most of the game is so difficult to control.
  2. Hard to Master: Though it is easy to learn, if you meet a pro player, then there is no chance of being alive. You have to control your player quickly, use different weapons on different situation, hide, and attack on the perfect moment.
  3. Customizable Character: Like Free Fire, you can fully customize your character. There are lots of different items, custom outfits to equip yourself and go to the battleground.
  4. Ultimate Powerful Weapons: With a lot of different kind of Assault, Sniper rifles, shotguns, SMGs and more type of weapons available to equip. Make them deadlier by upgrading attachments and power.
  5. Graphics: It’s graphics is PC quality. Fight in the stunningly detailed and realistic combat scenes. The amazing quality of the graphics, with an emphasis on realism, raises the bar for mobile shooters.

Mod Features

Are you enough experts to save you from the bullet of enemies? Do you have the highest power weapons in your collection to blowout enemies head? Then for some extra help, you might use the modded apk with the following things unlocked.

  • Infinite Money/Cash,
  • Unlimited Gold,
  • All Weapons Unlocked,

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Download Warface: Global Operations – PVP Action Shooter Mod Apk 1.1.1 Unlimited Money and Gold 2020

Note: The game is under development to mod. You have to wait some time for the original 100% working unlimited money and gold mod apk. We need your patient.
Public Transport Simulator – Coach Mod Apk 1.0 Unlocked

Public Transport Simulator – Coach Mod Apk 1.0 Unlocked

Download Public Transport Simulator – Coach Mod Apk with unlimited money, fuel, unlocked all buses, and upgraded max level. Drive safe and make your passengers more comfortable.

Game Name Public Transport Simulator – Coach Apk
Release Date 28 December 2019
Updated On 1 January 2020
Developer SkisoSoft
Supported On 4.2 and up
Mode Offline
Size 43 MB
Category Simulation


Info of Public Transport Simulator – Coach Game for Android

Driving a sports car, chasing other guys, be the no. 1, how many days could you play? Try something new. Become a bus driver, not for real life. In this exclusive simulator game, Public Transport Simulator Coach developed by SkisoSoft, you are gonna experience the most realistic driving.

Reach the bus to the terminal, they are waiting for you to ride to there destination. Control the bus, watch out for the traffic, stay safe from crashing your vehicle, and earn some extra money. If you have enough cash, buy a new bus from the store.

Before you are going for a new mission, always remember that in your hand there are few people. Always drive carefully so that they feel better and safe. And the last thing, fill your tank.

Things I love

Though most of the time driving simulation game become worst for some reason, I found some varieties which makes it better from them. Let’s see what you will get in this.

  1. 7 brand new and high quality bus to ride your passangers,
  2. Upgradeable features to make your bus more stable, comfortable and attractive,
  3. Realistic bus, traffic, road physics, be careful when you drive,
  4. More money for a successful completed mission,
  5. Highly customizable and fully modeled,
  6. Easy to drive, even a kid can control it,
  7. 5 camera view to make your drive even more safe.

Mod Features

Do you have the most exclusive bus or just an ordinary one? If you are out of cash then why you don’t use the modded apk? You will get the following things in this package.

  1. Unlimited Money,
  2. All cars unlocked,
  3. Endless Fuel,

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Download Public Transport Simulator – Coach Mod Apk 1.0 Unlimited Money 2020