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Download City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk 1.0.4 Unlocked

Download City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk 1.0.4 Unlocked

Download City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk with unlimited coins, all busses and level unlocked. Be an expert bus driver and serve your passengers.

App Name City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk
Version 1.0.4
Released On 10 June 2019
Updated On 26 June 2019
Developer Jima Apps
Supported On 4.4 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 53 MB
Category Auto & Vehicles


Features of City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Game for Android

Start your journey with a tourist transportation bus in City Coach Bus Simulator 2019. Though driving a bus is not a cool game, but it will bring you some fun when you have the full functionality. Also, there are many vehicles to buy from the store, download it from Droid Signal to get all cars unlocked.

Be a real bus driver, enjoy with full realistic maps, incredible vehicles. Many passengers are waiting for your public transport bus at the station, carry them to their destinations. Road barriers and hurdles can affect your power so you have to be careful about this.

What do you get in this simulation game?

  • 20 stages in the beautiful city,
  • Stunning 3D graphics which makes it better and attractive,
  • Realistic sound, Map, and traffic rules,
  • Control the bus over – Tilt, Button or stirrings,
  • 6 Different Busses – Executive Luxury, Business Super, Heli Van Double Deck, Airbus Double Deck, Super Luxury 523, Parlour Class Premium.
  • Multiple camera views,

Tips to play City coach bus simulator 2019

  • Collect stars and pick passengers from bus stations,
  • Avoid road hurdles and drop tourists on the address,
  • Robbers attack bus, drive safely and carefully,
  • Other vehicles will try to reach on the station, overtake them and reach before time,
  • Collect gift boxes from specific waypoints showing in the map,
  • Fuel up your tank before it gets empty,
  • Avoid over speeding in specific areas, otherwise, you will have to pay a heavy fine,
  • Road traffic trying to hit and damage bus, drive the bus carefully,
  • You will get 50 coins if you reach the destination before the time trial,
  • Road barriers and hurdles may cause damage,
  • Pick other buses passengers due to a technical fault on the way,
  • You can drive in auto mode,
  • Miner is pointed by terrorists in the city, so drive carefully,
  • If your bus break is failed during the journey, control the speed,
  • Some terrorists have planted a time bomb in the bus during the ride, you should control your nerves and drop the passengers on their location.

What’s included in City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk

Serve your passengers, hand them over their destination with your best bus. Download the mod apk to buy all of the items from the store, let’s see what you got in the modded apk games.


  • No Ads,
  • Unlimited Coins,
  • All Bus Unlocked,
  • All Level Unlocked.

City Coach Bus Simulator 2019 Mod Apk All Cars Unlocked

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link

Download Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk v4.0.10 Unlimited Stars

Download Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk v4.0.10 Unlimited Stars

Download Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk with unlimited coins and stars. Also, you will get the premium apk unlocked. Enjoy this unique running game in your Android.

Game Name Sky Dancer Run – Running Game Mod Apk
Version 4.0.10
Release Date 16 January 2017
Updated On 24 April 2019
Developer TOPEBOX
Supported On 5.0 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 89 MB
Category Adventure


Features of Factory Inc. Game for Android

With high-quality graphics and audio, Topebox brought Sky Dancer Run a running game for Android. Discover a new world of fear, run and jump through a dangerous cliff from one flying island to another. If you have played Temple Run 2 or Vector then you will like it more then them. Download it from Droid Signal to get premium apk and infinite money.

Why you choose it? It is different from other running game because it is just not only a run, it’s dancing in the sky like a bird. Perform impossible stunt and collect gold from the way but make sure that you are not pushed by an obstacle.

Since I am giving you premium mod, so you will get unlocked all characters, featuring – Hattori, Joker, Tharbadis & David. Also, Ice Skyland is pre unlocked.

Download similar game like it – Vector Mod Apk

How to play?

  • Tap Both sides of the screen to jump,
  • Hold the right side of the screen to move to the right sight, or left side to move left,
  • Pro Tips – Tap to jump right before landing to perform an immediate jump,
  • Collect gold while running,
  • Collect and open chests,
  • Upgrade Coin Magnet, Star Magnet, and Head Start,
  • Unlock Dancers, Worlds, and Felix’s,
  • Buy and use Boosts – Slo-Mo ( It slows down the time when used ), Coin Magnet ( Attracts surrounding coins when used ), and Score Doubler ( Double your score on run ),
  • Happy running.

Sky Dancer Premium Apk features

  • No ads,
  • Receive playing bonus without delay,
  • Open chests immediately,
  • 4 premium characters unlocked – Hatori, Joker, Tharbadis, and David.

What’s included in Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk

Enjoy this beautiful designed game Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk with the following things.


  • Infinite Coins,
  • Unlimited Stars,
  • All Characters Unlocked,
  • All Stage Unlocked ( Ice Skyland ),
  • Premium features included,
  • Unlimited Boosts,

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Download Sky Dancer Run Mod Apk with unlimited coins and stars

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link

Download Ground Driller Mod Apk v1.2.3 Unlimited Money and Gems

Download Ground Driller Mod Apk v1.2.3 Unlimited Money and Gems

Download Ground Driller Mod Apk Latest version with unlimited money and gems. Dig and go in the deepest part of the earth to find the rarest items.

Game Name Ground Driller Mod Apk
Version 1.2.3
Release Date 21 January 2019
Updated On 11 July 2019
Developer mobirix
Supported On 4.1 and up
Game Mode Offline
Game Size 49 MB
Category Simulation


Features of Ground Driller Game for Android

After a long time for Android gamers, Mobirix brought you a mining game Ground Driller. This is an idle sport which could be played, digging, and mining is automatically. You need to upgrade and hire a manager. Download it from Droid Signal to get unlimited money and gems.

Drill and get – Coal, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chrome, Aluminum, Nickel, Graphite, Manganese, Lead, Limestone, Uranium, Lithium, Crystal, Jade, Silver, Gold, Emerald, and Ruby. The more strong miner and power you have the most chance of getting off this element quickly.

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Tips to get Much money

Wanna get more money and gems quickly? Then follow these simple steps to get infinite Money and Gems.

  • Miner – Get idle money. Buy and Upgrade you miner, the higher they are the best you will get.
  • Dig Power – Purchase and Upgrade Dig power.
  • Don’t Sell – Do not sell any item you got from Miner. It will need to upgrade Dig power and Mineral Lab.
  • Boost – After a few minutes, every time you will get a free boost. Use it, it will do a great impact on money and gems.
  • Complete Missions – For each mission, you will get much cash and diamonds. Collect it and buy special miners.
  • Mineral Lab – Here you can do – Ore Refinery research, Mining Research, and Special Research. Do it and get improved items.
  • Storage – If you are out of storage, then increase storage capacity.

Special Research

What is special research? It contains the most beneficial parts, need gems to buy it. Let’s see it.

  • Decrease Bad News Duration,
  • Increase Good News Duration,
  • Reduce Special Layer dig time,
  • Raise Coin from a treasure chest,
  • Increase minerals gained through breaking boulders,
  • Moderate fishing wait time,
  • Improve Offline progress,

What’s included in Ground Driller Mod Apk

In Ground Driller Mod Apk there are unlimited money and gems. But to get them you need to spend them. It’s caused, if you get unlimited everything there is no fun. So, whenever you spend them, you get the same cash.

  • Infinite Money,
  • Unlimited Gems,

Note: If you are out of money then increase Storage Capacity. And if you are out of gems, then buy miners and do special research in Miner Lab.

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Download Ground Driller Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link

Download IMVU 3D Avatar Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download IMVU 3D Avatar Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download IMVU Mod Apk: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game with unlimited money. This is an avatar based social life with the largest 3D world.

Game Name IMVU Mod Apk: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game
Release Date 21 October 2014
Updated On 10 April 2019
Developer IMVU, Inc.
Supported On Varies with device
Game Mode Online
Game Size 41 MB
Category Social


Features of IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game

IMVU is the trending app to chat with people, roleplay and join the virtual world in 3D mode. Experience avatar-based social game, customize your look, be gentle and start meeting people around the world. Since some items need to purchase, download from DroidSignal and get infinite gold free.

It’s work more than a life simulator, after picking your character and dress you can choose your own life as you want to be. You can love, play, even break up without any permission. Personalize your own animated emoji to send a message.

Lookout the key features –

  • Avatar creation,
  • Chat in 3D,
  • Express your self as you do in real life,
  • Connect with Facebook and share your mood,

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Begin your Journey in IMVU: 3D Avatar

  • At first, choose your Gender and customize your life,
  • Dress up from top to bottom, some items required to purchase through virtual cash,
  • Start your journey and get wired or wild, it’s all up to you,
  • Connect this app with Facebook to meet people around you,
  • Chat with friends or unknown people from around the world,
  • Do you love to be loved? IMVU mod apk can be a dating simulator,
  • Create your own story according to your mind,
  • While chatting, you can pose, add filters, and post photos to get people talking.

How to get 3D avatar Chat room for Older devices?

If your device is not up to date and wants the full feature then follow this 3 step.


  • Open the menu and tap on the top left corner,
  • Go to graphics control option,
  • Then Click ” Full 3D “.

What’s included in IMVU 3D Avatar Mod Apk

Chat, date, and do whatever your mind wants to do. Be stylish and gentle to others and show your expertise in IMVU 3D Avatar game. If you are running out of cash then you have to download the mod apk which contains the following gifts.


  • Unlimited Money,
  • Infinite Credits.

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Download IMVU Mod Apk

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link

Free Download FaceApp – AI Face Editor Pro Apk v3.4.12.1 Mod

Free Download FaceApp – AI Face Editor Pro Apk v3.4.12.1 Mod

FaceApp pro apk free download full version mod for Android. Access premium version lifetime and no watermark on photo. Took a selfie and edit it.

Game Name FaceApp Pro Apk
Release Date 14 February 2017
Updated On 9 August 2019
Developer FaceApp Inc
Supported On 5.0 and up
Game Mode Online
Game Size 12 MB
Category Photography


Features of FaceApp – AI Face Editor for Android

FaceApp is a powerful photo editor tool for Android with real mod where you will get pixel perfect edit in any customization. It gives you magazine cover quality for any of your picture. Enjoy this app to have fun with gender swap, age, hairstyle, and other edit tools. It does a lot in the pro version, download it from Droid Signal to get premium features for the lifetime.

 Key Feature

  • Swap your gender by changing the style of your face, hair, eye, etc,
  • Auto-detect most suitable hairstyle for your hair,
  • Time travel and see your future self by changing into old age mod,
  • Add a beautiful smile to your angry photo,
  • Also, Change Impression, Bread, Hair colors, styles, Glasses, and Makeup.

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Advance Customization for Free and Pro user

Face App is a free app, but you can unlock more in pro apk. Let’s see what you can do.

  • Impression – Hollywood 2, Hollywood, Wave 2, and Wave,
  • Smiles – Tight, Classic, Wide, and Upset,
  • Beards – Hipster, Full beard, Goatee, Mustache, Shaved, Grand goatee, Lion, and Petite goatee,
  • Hair Color – Black, Blond, Brown, Red, and Tinted,
  • Hairstyles – Bangs, Bangs 2, Side Swept, Straight Bangs, Hitman, Long, Wavy, and Straight,
  • Glasses – Glasses, and Sunglasses,
  • Age – Old, Young 2, Young,
  • Makeup – Makeup 4, Makeup 3, Matte, and Glossy,
  • Filter – Daisy, Averon, Aero, Autumn, Onega, Grayscale, B&W, Cyanotype, Sepia, Deep Red, Mokko, Blues, Manhattan, Clover, Elegant, Victoria, Soft Focus, Lagoon, Cold, Redwin, Vega, Cinema, Mint, Emotion, HDR, Nevada, Serenity, Vintage, Twilight, Savanah, Rock, Contrast, Flare, Studio, Sunrise, Bronze, Stereo, Prague, Retro, and Warm,
  • Lens Blur – Auto background Blur,
  • Background – Add background with 3D shadow,
  • Overlay,
  • Tattoo – Tribal, Skiff, Tribal 2, Tribal 3, Ethnic, Triquetra, Arrows, Diamond, Anchor, Stars, Lightning, Tear, and Heart,
  • Vignette,
  • Adjustment – Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Sharpen, and Grain, and
  • Crop – Manual Crop.

What’s included in FaceApp Pro Apk Mod

Though Face App is free software, you can’t access the full feature unless you purchased to pro apk. That’s why I am sharing the cracked apk so that you can use all items.

  • Pro Unlocked,
  • Full Version Cracked,


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Download FaceApp Pro Mod Apk Full Version

Google Play Store Link

Latest Version Download Link