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I am Md Tanvir owner of this blog where I post tutorials and tricks in this blog for all my unique readers.

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– This Is Just For TEST/TRIAL/EDUCATIONAL Purposes Only And Should Not Be Used In Other Ways.

– I Won’t Be Responsible If Anything Goes Wrong Or If The Product Is Not Used In That Way It Is Supposed To.

– I Take No Responsibility Of Any Product If Its Gonna Work Or Not Work For You.

– Mine Releases Are Made To Make Sure That The End-User Is Able To Fully Test A Product Before Going Into A Purchase As Well As Give The End-User An Opportunity To Make Backup Copies Of Products He Or She Already Owns.

– As I’m Not In United States Thus I’m Not Bound By Any Of The Legislations Like “No Electronic Theft Act” “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” Or “The Patriot Act”.But You As A End-User Might Be, So Be Certain To Read The EULAs That You Agree To Upon Installing Something To Make Sure You Are Not Breaking Any Domestic Laws.

– If You Like The Software, Please Support The Developers And Buy It, Respect The Software Authors That Have Put Time, Money And Efforts Into Creating The Product You Now Have In Your Hand.